Your Guide to Paint Finishes

Looking to do some interior home improvement this season? Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint or changing the color scheme of your kitchen or living area can be great ways to give your home’s interior new life and improve the look and feel of your house. Choosing the right paint finishes is key to your satisfaction with the end result. Here’s a guide to help you differentiate between finishes and ensure a successful interior painting project this year:

paint finishes interior painting

The Different Types of Paint Finishes

High Gloss: Provides a mirror-like finish that is very light-reflective and stain-resistant. Offers elegant shine that is ideal for doors, cabinets, and trim.

Semi-Gloss: A sleek, radiant gloss finish that is great for trim, cabinets, and crown molding. Also works well for highlighting architectural details inside the home.

Satin:  A smooth, medium gloss that is more stain-resistant than flatter finishes. Best for areas with low to moderate moisture. Contains a higher level of resin and a lower level of pigmentation. Best used on interior doors, cabinets, paneling, and shutters.

Pearl: A medium gloss with high durability that can lend dimension to trim. Mildew-resistant and ideal for hallways and kitchens.

Eggshell: Provides a velvety, soft appearance that is nearly shine-free. Highly durable and easy to clean. Suitable for high-traffic areas like family rooms, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, as well as around windows.

Matte: Slightly reflective, durable, easy to clean, and more forgiving of flaws. Smooth texture and easy to apply. Provides a luxurious touch to spaces like bedrooms and dining rooms.

Flat: A non-reflective finish with low sheen that can hide minor surface imperfections and touches up well. Lack of reflection allows for more paint pigment to come through. Stains are often more difficult to remove, and flat finishes are susceptible to burnishing. Best used in low-traffic areas and on ceilings.

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Room

Your personal preference for how glossy or flat your walls look is certainly important in deciding on the right paint finish for you, but it’s important to know that the different qualities and textures of paint finishes are vital to consider as well. Eggshell provides a moisture-resistant texture and stands up well to humidity. For these reasons, many homeowners opt for eggshell paint finishes in bathrooms and kitchens. Glossier finishes, on the other hand, are often easier to clean and reflect light well to create a brighter ambiance.

Ready, Set, Paint!

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