Winterize Your Deck and Outdoor Space

Brace yourself. Winter is coming, and around here we just don’t know what to expect from it anymore. It’s better to prepare for a harsh winter and winterize your deck and outdoor space than to ignore it and pay the price later.

You love your new Johnson Lumber deck. Now you have to protect it for the winter. Keep those deck parties going year-around and help your deck last for ages.

Clear and Clean your Deck

orange patio chairs around wooden table

With winter comes cold rain, snow, wind, and ice. All of these things can wreak havoc on your deck.

In order to winterize your deck you should start by clearing low hanging or dead branches above and around your deck.

Then move to the deck itself. Sweep, scrub, and power-wash all the dirt mildew away. This will ensure that when spring comes, your deck is good-to-go and ready to use.

**Important** Any scrubbing or power-washing should be done gently, on a low setting, and according to manufacturers’ instructions. Especially for synthetic board which is encapsulated in PVC shell, washing too roughly can do more harm than good.

The dirt and grime that your deck has been collecting all year can degrade the wood. So, it is important to clean thoroughly.

Be sure to use a bleach-free solution when washing your wood deck. Something gentle like Dawn dish soap or heavily diluted Simple Green will do the trick. Some brands of deck wash come with a hose attachment and are a cinch to use.

Seal Your Deck

Moisture is unrelenting.

The water and moisture absorbed by your wood deck will freeze when the temperature drops. This will cause your deck planks to swell, bulge, bow, or split.

The best way to stop this from happening, short of covering your deck, is to use a high quality, durable sealant.

sun reflecting on a wood deck

You can use primers, sealers, finishes, or any product made to specifically protect wood from the elements.

Be careful to use clear or un-colored sealants to maintain your deck’s current color and finish.

A stain will change the color of your wood deck.

Don’t Forget About Your Furniture

Leaving your patio furniture exposed to bear the brunt of the winter may be costly come spring.

Allowing the moisture to set in can cause mold and mildew. It can also breakdown fabrics, cushions, and finishes.

glass enclosed patio with chairs and table

Hardened furniture storage containers are becoming more popular and easier to find these days. This is more useful if you only bring out your patio furniture on special occasions but can be a hassle if you plan on everyday use.

Soft, zip-up or open-bottom covers for your chairs and tables are your best bet for the ease-of-use, convenience, and amount of protection they provide.

Patio Enclosures

Consider enclosing your patio or deck during the winter months. It’ll help you keep the heat in and the cold and ice out.

Temporary enclosures are easy to install and do a pretty good job of providing shelter.

Or, you can go the extra mile and convert your deck or patio into an enclosed porch or sunroom. Utilizing large windows that open out will still allow you to have an open-air space during the warmer months.

Hire Quality Deck Installers from the Get-Go

Johnson Lumber has been serving Millersville, Edgewater, and the surrounding Maryland areas for nearly 100 years.

That’s no accident.

We offer top-notch service, quality materials, and reliable results.

Starting in Glen Burnie in 1921, Joshua “Fred” Johnson began milling and selling lumber near Marley Creek. He quickly grew his business, opening a second location in Annapolis.

black and white photo of early JL days, truck being loaded

Since the early days of Johnson Lumber, those locations have been moved to Millersville and Edgewater, respectively.

The locations may have changed, but the quality, attention to detail, and dedication to our clients have only gotten better.

We are here to serve you. Let us.


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