Winter Home Improvement Ideas

Winter is the time of year that we spend the most time indoors, since the weather is often chilly and warm, sunny days are few. If you’re looking for winter home improvement ideas as a way to feel productive while cooped up indoors this season, consider one of these home improvement projects:

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5 Winter Home Improvement Ideas

  1. Paint Your Interior – Is there a room in your home that’s been looking a bit dull? It can be more cost-effective to give the space a fresh coat of paint than to change up the layout and buy new furniture. You can choose a new color to brighten or bolden the space, or simply apply a fresh coat to walls that look faded and dull.
  2. Upgrade Your Kitchen Counters – Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? If you love to cook or have recently taken an interest in being a home chef, there are improvements both small and large that can help beautify the space while also making it more functional. Replace your old countertops with gorgeous marble, granite, or quartz and enjoy your new scratch-resistant, durable cooking space.
  3. Switch to LED Light Bulbs – Since most of our time is spent inside during the winter, we tend to use our light fixtures more than ever. Give your utility bill a break and consider replacing old bulbs with more energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Not only will you see energy savings this season, but you’ll also add a sleek and brilliantly-lit ambiance to every room. 
  4. Seal Up Cracks – Your home’s windows and doors can either help or hurt your efforts to keep heat in and cold out during the winter. If there are cracks or openings in window and door frames, your heating system could be working overtime to balance the warm temperature in your home. Seal up all cracks surrounding windows and doors for energy efficiency and to ensure your house will stay warm all winter.
  5. Re-Do Your Bathroom – Whether your half-bath could use an update or you’ve been thinking about remodeling your master bathroom, there are plenty of ways you can improve these spaces in your home. From new plumbing fixtures to tub-to-shower conversions, you can give your bathroom a brand new look and make your daily hygiene routine more enjoyable.

At J.F.Johnson Lumber Company, we provide construction services as well as the high-quality products you need to complete just about any home improvement project this winter. From windows and doors to kitchen and bathroom materials, you’re sure to find something you love. Give us a call today or stop by our store to check out all we have to offer.

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