Winter Deck Install

You might think it’s a little backwards to do an outdoor project during the winter period but actually, the winter might be the best time to consider a winter deck install. There are a lot of reasons why completing your deck project now might actually be better than waiting until the spring. Here at Johnson Lumber, we want to make sure you understand those reasons so you can make the best decision for you. We have everything you need – materials, labor, availability – and we’re ready to make your neighbors jealous with your new deck.

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Azek Vintage Collection in coastline with dark hickory accents.

Winter Deck Materials

We build decks out of many materials. The common materials are wood, PVC, and composite. Let’s take a look at using these materials in you winter deck install.

Wood Decks

If you’re looking for a deck built with wood materials, the construction and installation can still happen, but the staining would have to wait until temperatures are consistently above freezing. Wood is still aa totally viable choice for a winter deck build

PVC or Composite Decks

Decks made of PVC or composite materials: While it is not possible to stain wood during the winter, this is not a problem because the majority of the decks we build are made of composite or PVC materials. They don’t require staining, but they still have the beautiful appearance of well-finished and textured wood when finished.

Although we generally use materials and technologies that are less affected by winter weather than other deck options, we still need to take extra care when installing your deck to ensure that you get the results you expect. You can rely on us to pay close attention to the details necessary to complete the job correctly. PVC and composite decks, for example, may shrink and expand as a result of temperature fluctuations. We make the cuts into these materials based on the temperature, ensuring that the results are seamless.

Less Prep Work

Moreover, because we are building your deck during the winter, you will not have to be concerned about protecting your other landscaping elements. The snow has already provided protection to the grass the rest of your yard has gone dormant. In addition, your garden furniture and other ornaments are likely already stored away in a garage or shed. Winter deck construction is more convenient than spring or summer deck construction.

Additional Advantages of a Winter Deck Install

Getting a hold of materials easier is not the only benefit to a winter deck install…

A More Predictable Timeline

There are also more advantages to having your deck built during the winter months. Because landscaping companies, permit offices, and material suppliers are less busy in the winter, you can anticipate a shorter overall project timeline. Furthermore, the deck construction will not feel rushed as it often does for those who build their decks in the spring and want them to be functional by the summer.

Don’t Wait For Grilling Season

Another advantage of constructing your deck during the winter is you won’t use any of the valuable spring weather waiting for your deck to be built. Once the warmer weather arrives in the spring, you’ll be able to take advantage of it right away. If you enjoy doing early season entertaining, a winter deck build may be able to accommodate your needs.

Johnson Lumber Will Handle Your Deck Project

We’re ready to take your calls and give you a free estimate on your next decking project. And we don’t just do decks! we have a long history of success doing kitchen remodeling, window installations, and more. Come see why Johnson Lumber has been serving your community for over 100 years. Get in touch now.

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