Why We Love Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks

Deciding between stainless steel and brushed nickel for your new kitchen sink? The choice can come down to one quality:


Though stainless steel has a lot of functionality – including being easy to maintain – brushed nickel adds a charm that other materials simply can’t.

At Johnson Lumber, one of our favorite examples of this material are Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks. Since the line’s launch in 2004, these handcrafted sinks have been adding an unmatched warmth and character to our customers’ kitchens.

So if you’ve been considering a brushed nickel sink for your home, we’re here to help. Today, we’re sharing five reasons why brushed nickel sinks could be right for your home. 

1. Brushed Nickel Adds Warmth, Texture, and Refinement To Kitchen Designs

The kitchen should be a place that invites us in. That’s why we love the personality that comes with Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks. 

Given they are hand-hammered by artists, these sinks end up with more character than a stainless steel or chrome alternative. The resulting texture can be a centerpiece for the room, one that guests are curious to touch, while also still being durable against nicks and scratches. 

These brushed nickel sinks are also adaptable and fit well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. 

By exuding warmth, instead of the chilliness that stainless steel sometimes does, these sinks offer the softness that customers with more conventional settings enjoy.

2. Each Brushed Nickel Sinks Is Hand-Crafted

To make their sinks, Native Trails collaborates with artisans who use time-honored tradition and craftsmanship.

By combining ancient traditions and cutting-edge technologies and making each Brushed Nickel sink from scratch, the results are outstanding.

Each sink takes days of work and thousands of hammer blows to perfect. The end product, a timeless, chic sink, is one that adds luxury and style to any kitchen. 

3. Sustainably Constructed From Premium Recycled Copper

In addition to their graceful quality, we’re fans of these Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks for their sustainability.

For starters, they are made from 16-gauge recycled copper. The team of master coppersmiths at Native Trails hand-forge, form, and hammer the sinks before plating the copper in nickel.

That eye-catching brushed nickel finish comes from electroless plating. This helps to provide exceptional surface adherence and ensures that every surface is evenly coated and of consistent thickness.

This gives the material exceptional wear and corrosion resistance, which is one reason it’s even been used in mining and aerospace applications. 

Our plating partners follow California laws for air and water quality as well as the recycling of any waste materials to lessen the environmental impact of nickel plating. 

After the metal is plated, the material is brushed to give it a smooth, lovely texture.

4. Combine Brushed Nickel With Other Metals To Create Your Own Style

When it comes to changing your kitchen design, a common question is what materials you’ll be able to continue using.

By mixing metals, you’ll achieve an earthy look and a kitchen that is freed from being overly identified with one specific period. 

As one of the more popular kitchen trends, matching the look from Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks with other metals can prevent the kitchen from being too matchy-matchy.

Instead, pairing brushed nickel with polished gold creates a warm impression of a kitchen that was intentionally designed without being cookie-cutter.

5. Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks Are Easy To Maintain

What does it take to keep a Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sink clean and in good shape?

Nothing more than water and mild soap. Soaps like Dawn Original, Palmolive Original, or Mrs. Meyers Clean Day are all great options. Just be sure to avoid antibacterial soap. 

To add another level of protection, you can also treat the sink with carnauba wax or Flitz Faucet Wax Plus after washing and drying. This provides defense against blemishes and mineral buildup. 

Should you need to get rid of any black shadow stains or marks, Flitz Polish can also be used.

Get Your Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks From Johnson Lumber

At Johnson Lumber, we’ve been helping Maryland families for 100 years. From upgrading appliances to redoing entire kitchens, we’re here to help you get the kitchen of your dreams. 

For more information on installing Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks in your kitchen, get in touch with our team today.

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