Which Line Of Wolf Cabinets Are Right For Your New Kitchen

At Johnson Lumber, we are big fans of Wolf Cabinets. They have solutions across a range of budgets that all deliver excellent quality and long-lasting style.

When considering the right cabinets for your new kitchen, choosing between Wolf Signature Cabinets, Wolf Classic Cabinets, and Wolf Designer Cabinets is a little bit like choosing the best kind of pie: no matter how you slice it up, you’re getting something great.

Like pie, however, we all have our tastes. Meeting individual tastes is where Wolf Cabinets really excels. From semi-custom options that let you make your own personalizations to contractor-grade cabinets that help you stay on-budget, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

The question homeowners often ask themselves is just how to start narrowing these cabinet choices down.

Today, we’re going to break down the options and lines of Wolf Cabinets available to you. First, though, we’ll start by understanding what your kitchen cabinet needs are.

What Level Of Customization Do Your Kitchen Cabinets Need

When we embark on a new kitchen cabinet project, one of the first questions to ask is about customization. This is one of the primary factors because it can affect the cost of the project, it’s tied to the design of the house, and it will also end up adjusting the timeline.

The level of customization for your new kitchen cabinets will also need to take into account including the size and layout of the kitchen.

In some cases, out-of-the-box cabinets could be a perfect solution. In others, they might not work at all.

As a homeowner, you might want completely customized kitchen cabinets because you’ve got unique design needs – myabe an irregularly shaped kitchen or non-standard counter heights or cabinet depths – standard sizes may not be ideal. Modifications may be necessary to make the cabinets fit properly. 

Custom cabinets allow for complete control over the design, materials, finishes, and hardware, so the end result is just how you want it.

Naturally, that level of detail comes with some potential disadvantages, including a higher cost and longer lead time for production and delivery. 

Additionally, once production has started, modifications may not be possible. That’s why we make sure you’re satisfied with the specifications before production begins.

Why Semi-Custom Wolf Cabinets Are The Ideal Solution For Kitchen Renovations

Whether you’re dealing with particular tastes or a tricky kitchen shape, semi-custom cabinets offer a nice balance between affordability and customization. 

Generally speaking, you’ll find semi-custom cabinets offer customization where it counts. That means getting access to a range of cabinet sizes, finishes, and hardware options that will fit your space and your aesthetic preferences.

Since they are not 100% custom, they can also be produced faster. This helps to keep projects on-time and on-budget. 

They can also make standard kitchens pop a bit more. Though your kitchen may follow in a familiar mold, the customizable options here let you tie the whole house together for an overall improved design experience.

Choosing Between The Three Wolf Cabinet Lines

We’ve been keeping the good stuff for you, but we promise the wait will be worth it. Now that you know the level of customization you’d like with your new kitchen cabinets, we’re happy to present the three lines of Wolf Cabinets.

Wolf Designer Cabinets

These are the way to go if you’re looking for customizable cabinets that stick to your budget. As one of the industry leading sei-custom cabinet solutions, Wolf Designer Cabinets offer style and selection along with standard features.

With a range of options from traditional to modern, this is a great way to set about designing your new dream kitchen. 

Wolf Signature Cabinets

A kitchen is one of the most high-traffic areas of your house, which means you’ll want it to look good – and to stand up to everyday life.

The Wolf Signature Cabinets line brings in beautiful design elements, including a wide range of paint and stains, while also giving you the helping hand you need with their SmartShield™ technology, a laminate finish that offers protection against spills, bumps and more. For a no-stress, beautiful kitchen remodel, check out Wolf Signature Cabinets.

Wolf Classic Cabinets

We’re big fans of the Wolf Classic Cabinets line, too, as it’s the perfect marriage between style and practicality. Long-term performance and five-year warranties meet timeless designs and finishes for an overall premium experience. 

For new kitchen cabinets that combine form and function in one beautiful package, Wolf Classic Cabinets are the way to go.

(Of course, we’ve also got Wolf Endurance Outdoor Cabinetry, but we’ll save your outdoor kitchen remodel plans for next time!)

Talk With The Team At Johnson Lumber To Get Started Today

We hope this has been a helpful introduction to the Wolf Cabinets lines and cabinet customization. 

If you have any questions you’d like answered – or you’re ready to take the next step in your kitchen cabinet project – feel free to reach out to the Johnson Lumber team today.

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