What Your Windows Can Tell You

As a homeowner, you know that some problems go unnoticed and only show themselves once they’ve caused severe damage to your home, but luckily,  your windows will warn you of an issue early on. This allows you the opportunity to fix the problem before it’s too late. Take a look at some of the common warning signs to look out for:

replacement windows

Moisture on Your Windows

There are two common causes of this moisture. Either the window itself has a leak, or the humidity inside of your home is too high. Some leaks can be small and hard to detect but will likely only show themselves after it has rained. Old, single-pane windows are known to show condensation buildup when they have been installed in a home with high humidity. You can certainly find ways to lower the humidity inside your home, but if you’re happy and comfortable with the current humidity level, getting some new, dual-pane replacement windows is an easy solution.

Change in Appearance

Do your windows look discolored, faded, or otherwise different from how they appeared when they were first installed? If moisture is left to sit on the surface or between panes, mold and mildew can grow, causing them to become cloudy or discolored. In this condition, they are not only more difficult to see out of, but they can also lower the curb appeal of your home. 

Difficult to Open and/or Shut

Are you denying the inside of your home fresh air because your windows are irritatingly difficult to open and close? Do you have to use a nearby object to prop up and keep your windows open? Updating your windows can allow you to:

  • Get fresh, clean air into your home.
  • Enjoy a nice spring, summer, or fall breeze.
  • Keep bugs and other pests from entering through holes or cracks.
  • Feel more secure and comfortable inside your own home.
  • Lower your utility bill, since no air will be entering or escaping when windows are shut.

Get New High-Quality Windows from a Professional Installer

Are your windows showing any of these warning signs? J.F. Johnson Lumber Company is here to help. We specialize in more than just top-quality lumber products and are dedicated to making your home as comfortable as possible, whether that means a full remodel or a smaller-scale project like window replacement. Contact our experts today for more information on our window replacement services.

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