Top 8 Features To Keep In Mind For Bathroom Designs

While searching for inspiration for bathroom designs, you’re likely to come across a lot of posts about bathroom design trends for 2023, home magazine articles, and probably even a TikTok video or two.

Though bathroom design trends come and go (just like the latest TikTok dance trend), there are some time-honored staples you should keep in mind for your next project. 

When it comes to bathroom remodeling Anne Arundel County, we’ve pretty much seen it all in our more than 100 years at Johnson Lumber. 

As always, we’re happy to put our expertise to good use when helping our clients with their new bathroom designs. Still, we know homeowners like to do their own research, too.

To give you some guidance, we’re sharing our top eight features to keep in mind (and missteps to avoid) for your next bathroom designs.

What To Consider When Deciding On Your Next Bathroom Designs

There are certain bathroom design elements that jump to mind first, like color and style. Designing your bathroom includes those, of course, but there are additional factors that are worth considering, too.

1. Storage and Space

The layout of the bathroom should match your needs as well as the space available. 

In the past, we’ve seen homeowners who’ve not fully considered the size of fixtures and furniture in relation to the size of the room and the doorways. That leads to some pieces not getting in, other parts looking a bit awkward, and in some scenarios, some costly redos. This can be avoided with just a little planning!

With the space conversation also come storage decisions. While more storage sounds better, know that stuff we have tends to expand to the space we give it! It is often a good idea to design for the storage you need now to make sure the rest of your space is well-utilized, rather than giving over too much to storage and feeling cramped because you can’t use your bathroom as you’d like.

2. Size

Once you’ve established the space you have available, the design and functionality will help your bathroom feel just right. 

These two elements – design and functionality – can either compete or complement each other. We suggest making a list of what needs you have in your bathroom – tub or bath, one sink or two, etc – and see how they realistically fit together to create a room you’ll want to use for years.

3. Light

We’re all for a candle lit tub experience to unwind after a long week, but that romantic ambiance may not be the ideal one for everyday use.

That’s why prioritizing light with any new bathroom designs is key to making your bathroom feel inviting. Depending on the alignment of your home, that light can be natural – keeping existing windows, or expanding them – or artificial. 

You may also want your design to include a few modes of lighting, one that’s for general bathroom use and a brighter light to help with grooming and getting ready for the day.

4. Budget

Some may ask why the budget isn’t higher on the list. 

While it’s true that you’re going to have trouble with bathroom remodeling Anne Arundel County if you’ve got no budget, there are plenty of ways to make the ideas on this list fit to the budget you have.

So, the first step here is to consider a budget that fits for your project, then confirm it with the designer or contractor you’re working with. As a note, it’s always helpful to leave a little room in that budget for unexpected expenses. 

5. Color

Changing up a bathroom’s color is both one of the most effective ways to modernize its appearance, as well as one of the most budget-friendly.

Here, the goal is to choose a color scheme that fits the style and mood you want to create in the bathroom. 

A misstep we’ve seen is homeowners that only think about the bathroom and not about the rest of the house. This can result in colors that clash or do not complement each other, meaning you’ll have to take time (and money) again to repaint. 

6. Safety

There are a number of bathroom designs that look better in theory than they work in reality. 

Some modern trends, like wet room bathrooms, allow for the whole floor to get wet and drain naturally. Without the proper safety features, like grab bars or slip-resistant floors, this can be a tricky setup for elderly family members.

Consider who will be most often using the bathroom, both in the near future and over the long-term, and be sure that there are appropriate safety features installed.

7. Ventilation

Ventilation is not one of the most headline-grabbing elements of a bathroom design, but it ends up being one of the most vital ones to ensure a comfortable bathroom environment.

Good ventilation helps prevent mold and mildew and reduce humidity levels. Not installing an adequate ventilation system or not positioning the exhaust fan properly can lead to those problems. More than just an aesthetic mess, they can also lead to some health issues, too.

8. Picking The Right Design Team

Keeping all of these different bathroom design elements in mind can be a lot. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone.

At Johnson Lumber, we are proud of our heritage helping Maryland homeowners with their bathroom remodeling projects, and we’d be happy to give you a helping hand with yours.
For assistance with your next bathroom design project, get in touch with the Johnson Lumber team today.

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