Tips for Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

Is it time to give your kitchen a fresh look? With a simple update to your cabinetry, you can give your kitchen a whole new aesthetic and make it feel brand new. Here are some kitchen remodeling tips that focus on upgrading your cabinets to transform your space:

Tips for Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your existing kitchen cabinets is an easy and affordable way to update the look of your space. Painting allows for an abundance of creativity, as you can mix and match colors, create patterned designs, and implement any color scheme you desire. If your cabinets have seen better days, it might make more sense to have them replaced with new wood before painting.

Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

Recessed lighting underneath cabinets has grown in popularity over the past few years. Not only are these fixtures practical, but they’re also a way for homeowners to add ambiance to their kitchen. You can opt for lights that can be dimmed so that you’ll have the bright lights that you need when working in the kitchen but also the dimmed lighting that sets the mood for dinner parties.

Optimize Your Cabinet Doors

One space that offers plenty of utility is the back side of your cabinet doors. They have a lot of design potential that most homeowners never really consider. Installing shelving on the inside of cabinet doors to hold small items like spices and utensils can free up drawer and storage space. You can also add a miniature chalkboard or whiteboard to make updates to your grocery list quickly and easily.

Update the Shelving

If you’re tired of your bottom cabinets being unorganized, you might want to consider having roll-out shelves installed. These devices can help keep your cabinets organized as well as add aesthetic appeal. The best part is that this is a relatively inexpensive add-on that can be customized to fit your kitchen storage needs.

Open Up Your Kitchen

Want to make your kitchen space feel more open and inviting? Removing the doors from some of your cabinets can allow you to show off your beautiful dishware and add room for kitchen decor. Open shelving helps homeowners stay organized since they usually only keep things on them that they use often. Get easy access to your most utilized kitchenware and give your kitchen some personality with seasonal decorations on the shelves.

Kitchen Cabinet Solutions from the Experts

The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company has everything you need to remodel your kitchen, whether you’re looking to improve its look with a new cabinet design or you plan to renovate the space from top to bottom. Not only can we help you with materials, but we can also advise you on how to design your kitchen based on your budget and needs. Contact us today to get started with your kitchen transformation project.

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