TimberTech Decking at Johnson Lumber

Today we’re going to dive into one of them. The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company is going on record with this trusted supplier: TimberTech Decking.

In our blogs, we get into a lot of detail about decking materials, finishes, uses, fasteners… but we think it’s important, too, that you know who we use to supply the building materials. Specifically, for composite decking materials, we have many reliable vendors.

TimberTech Decking

TimberTech has been growing in recent years. They now offer three high-quality lines of composite/poly decking: AZEK, PRO, and EDGE. Each has its unique style, capabilities, and performance.


The AZEK line of products is TimberTech’s premium capped polymer decking material. All AZEK product’s come standard with a 50-year limited fade and stain warranty, and lifetime limited warranty. This is an industry best and TimberTech backs their products 100%. You truly get what you pay for.

Additionally, this product line is completely free of all wood particles and uses only advanced synthetic materials. This let’s AZEK products be impervious to moisture, lightweight, and stay cool under the hot summer sun.

The AZEK line comes in:

  • Vintage
    • near-real natural hardwood look
    • low-gloss, wire-brushed finish
    • subtle highlights and lowlights
  • Harvest
    • monochromatic
    • cathedral grain pattern


The PRO product line offers decking material made from 4 sided capped composite. The wood/poly composite is protected by a fully synthetic cap, or covering, on all four sides. This is important in providing superior surface protection. The boards are covered with Mold Guard technology, making it one of the most mold resistant decking materials available. Its 30-year limited fade and stain warranty protects this decking for generations.

Aesthetically, the PRO product line mimics natural wood, creating a deck that is warm and inviting, but also durable and weather resistant.

The PRO line comes in:

  • Legacy
    • complex blend of natural colors
    • hand-scraped finish
    • dramatic highlights and lowlights
  • Reserve
    • reclaimed wood look
    • wire brushed and cathedral-grain pattern
    • heavy to moderate blending
  • Terrain
    • complex, rugged woodgrain pattern
    • monochromatic or moderate to heavy blending


TimberTech’s EDGE line of products offers 3 sided cap composite decking. This is traditional composite decking with superior surface protection from moisture. It is low maintenance and an upgrade from traditional wood. All EDGE products come with a 25-year fade and stain limited warranty.

The EDGE line comes in:

  • Premier
    • straight-grain pattern
    • monochromatic
    • full board
  • Prime +
    • scalloped boards
    • straight-grain pattern
    • moderate to heavy blending


TimberTech likes to say that sustainability is at their core – literally. And it’s true. Their composite deck boards are made with up to 80% recycled materials, and their capped polymer boards are at 54%. They’ve invested in state-of-the-art recycling plants, increased their use of recycled material, and repurpose scrap material from their own production line.

They’re making a conscious effort to not only decrease their own waste but to counteract the waste of others. 98% of their internal waste is reused in the production of new composite and polymer boards – that’s nearly 290 million pounds of waste.

Their use of recycled plastics and scrap materials has helped save over 1 million trees from being cut down since 2015. TimberTech’s investment in a closed-loop water filtration system helps recycle 96% of the water from their largest facilities each year.

Get Your TimberTech Decking from Johnson Lumber

Johnson Lumber is proud to work with such an outstanding company that does so much for their customers and for the earth. Contact us today to start planning your next TimberTech deck project.

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