The Ideal Time for a New Deck Installation: Your Season-by-Season Guide

With longer days and more sunlight, it’s only natural you want to take advantage of it by spending more time outdoors. As homeowners, spring can be the most tempting time to start thinking about a new deck installation. 

But is spring the right season for you? Or would it be better to wait until the warmer days of summer, or the less-busy days of fall?

At Johnson Lumber, with more than a century of experience serving the central Maryland area, we understand these considerations all too well. Installing a new deck is a fantastic way to enhance your home’s outdoor area, but timing is everything. 

We’re here to offer our insights on the best times of the year to start your deck installation project, taking into account various factors such as weather, material availability, and how to maximize your deck’s potential throughout the seasons. Let’s get started.

What Makes Spring The Perfect Time Of Year For A New Deck Installation

Spring’s moderate weather and the prospect of enjoying a new deck throughout the warmer months make it a popular choice for installations. However, unpredictable weather and the beginning of the busy season can pose challenges. Let’s look at more of the pros and cons.


  • Ideal Weather Conditions – Spring offers moderate temperatures and fewer rain showers, making it an excellent time for deck installation. The weather is conducive to both working conditions for contractors and the curing process of materials.
  • Enjoyment Throughout the Year – By completing your deck in spring, you ensure it’s ready for the summer and fall, allowing for maximum enjoyment.
  • Availability of Contractors – Spring is before the peak remodeling season, so you might find it easier to schedule with contractors.


  • Sudden Weather Changes – Spring weather can be unpredictable, with sudden rain potentially delaying projects.
  • Busy Season Kickoff – As everyone is starting to think about outdoor projects, you might face competition for booking the best contractors.

Why Summer Is A Decent Choice For New Deck Installations

Summer offers predictable weather and longer days, ideal for deck building, though the heat and peak demand for contractors can be downsides. Here’s what else you can expect with a summer deck installation:


  • Longer Days – Summer provides longer daylight hours, offering more flexibility for installation schedules.
  • Predictable Weather – Generally stable weather conditions can mean fewer delays due to rain or cold.


  • Heat – The intense summer heat can make installation challenging and uncomfortable for installers.
  • High Demand – Being the peak season for renovations, finding available contractors can be difficult, potentially leading to higher prices.

Why Fall Is A Popular Option For New Deck Installations

Fall’s cooler temperatures and potential for end-of-season discounts are appealing, but shorter days and pre-winter rush can complicate scheduling. 


  • Cooler Temperatures – The cooler weather of fall makes it comfortable for contractors to work, which can lead to quicker installations.
  • End of Season Discounts – You might find discounts on wood decking materials and decking accessories as retailers clear out inventory.


  • Shorter Days – The reduced daylight hours can limit working times, potentially extending the length of the project.
  • Pre-Winter Rush – Many homeowners rush to complete outdoor projects before winter, which can lead to busy schedules for contractors.

Why Winter Is A Tricky Time For New Decks

Winter allows for potentially easier scheduling with contractors and preparation for spring enjoyment, but cold weather and shorter days present significant installation challenges.


  • Contractor Availability – Less demand for outdoor projects means contractors may be more readily available and possibly at lower rates.
  • Preparation for Spring -Completing a deck in winter means it’s ready to enjoy the first signs of spring.


  • Weather Challenges – Cold temperatures and snow can delay projects and complicate the curing and setting of materials.
  • Limited Working Hours – Shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures can slow down the progress.

Let Johnson Lumber Help With Your Next Deck Installation

Deciding on the right time for a deck installation involves weighing various factors, including weather conditions, contractor availability, and how soon you wish to enjoy your new outdoor space. No matter the time of year – from the fresh start of spring, the warm days of summer, the cool embrace of fall, or the quiet of winter – planning is key.

For those pondering deck repairs or new installations, the team at Johnson Lumber is here to assist. With our expertise in wood decking materials, composite decking, and decking accessories, we’re equipped to help you make the best decisions for your home. Get in touch with us to discuss your project and how we can give a helping hand with your new deck installation.

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