Take Back Your Basement with These Remodeling Tips

Is your basement a concrete wasteland that you have to brave to wash your clothes? Is it just a place where you can throw your stored items that you never plan to look at again? Why not turn your basement into an awesome media lounge? Take back your basement from the cave crickets with these remodeling ideas.

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Your basement could look like this!

A Few Walls Can Create New Spaces

One of the easiest ways to isolate space in a large room is to add a few walls. For example, if you want to create man cave, but you don’t want to move your washer and dryer from their homes, you can isolate them in a room of their own so that you can focus the energy of the room. One of the most important tenets of interior design is understanding and supporting the purpose of each room furnishings and decor. A man cave doesn’t really need a washer and dryer, so keep them separate and enjoy your new space.

If You Need Storage Space, Create Storage Space

There are many ways to approach organizing your stored items. Some people just throw things into a corner while others take great pains to ensure that every box is meticulously labeled. If you’re finishing your basement and you are planning to use it for storage, then ask yourself what you might need to make that happen. Build some cabinets into the wall to help you keep things like gardening tools and other seasonal items in a neat place. You can also build a small closet for putting things away. Either way, make sure you’re giving yourself what you need to succeed.

Make Sure You’re Set for Success with an Inspection

Lots of basements have issues with waterproofing, so make sure you have addressed your basement’s issues before you bring your things down there. Having a home inspector do a walk-through and checking everything out will ensure that your new man cave isn’t flooded the next time it rains. It’s worth the extra investment and will, if nothing else, give you peace of mind before you start building.

Ready to Finish Your Basement

Before you break out the hammer, call on the professionals at Johnson Lumber to help you. We can provide you with all of the supplies and materials you need to create the perfect finished basement, no matter where you live in Maryland. Stop by one of our locations today to learn more about our materials.

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