Spring Deck Cleaning

Spring is coming, at last!  Birds are once again singing near windows and in trees. Leaves are shyly beginning to peek out of branches. As the weather warms, you’ve been doing a bit of peeking, too—looking at the deck in your back yard every day. It’s time to get you spring deck cleaning on.

 You’re eager to be outside again, and you can almost smell the barbecue and hear happy voices laughing and talking. But before the fun starts, you’re going to have to clean the Winter “ick” off your deck.

sun reflecting on a wood deck

 It’s time for the—

Spring Deck Cleaning

Here’s how to do it:


Your patio furniture has probably either been inside somewhere (like the garage) or kept under wraps all Winter. The temptation, when Spring comes, is to run out, uncover the lounge, and put your feet up. But resist that particular temptation just a little longer, and keep all of the outdoor furniture to one side for now.


How does it look? How does it smell? Any moss or mold? If you see no signs of either moss or mold, that’s great. However, it is wise to clean the deck anyway. After all, some things can’t be seen. After a long, damp Winter who knows what might be growing?


There are several ways to make sure your deck is ready to go for Spring. Choose the techniques you think will work best for you.


First, it’s good to root out leaves and other debris that get caught between boards.

A putty knife works for this. The thin blade of a putty knife slides easily between planks. What? You say hunching over or crawling around on your knees doesn’t sound like your idea of fun? You can always stick the knife handle into a hollow tube of some sort—such as PVS pipe—for a nice long tool.


There are several choices that are considered environmentally friendly and effective on the “three M’s”—mildew, mold and moss. See which deck cleaner we carry.

Many people prefer pressure washers because they are faster and easier than other ways of cleaning decks. If you choose to use a pressure washer, ensure it is set to “gentle” or “soft”. Spraying some materials too hard can do damage and void any warranty you might have


However, you choose to clean your deck in the Spring, the important thing is that it gets done, and that the cleaning is thorough. After Winter, especially in areas where seasons are more extreme, your deck will need some tender loving care. Making sure it gets the right care at the right time, will help you have a fun, safe place for friends and family to gather for years to come.

Of course, you also want to do necessary repairs.

Wondering where to get the things you need to maintain your deck? Why, Johnson Lumber, of course.

Whatever you need—whether you are building, repairing or maintaining your deck—you will find it at Johnson Lumber. It’s what we do.

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