Safety Tips for Home Improvements

Spring has finally arrived, which means the weather is getting warmer and many homeowners are beginning their outdoor home improvements. Renovations can make your home a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live your life, but it’s important to know safe practices throughout the process. If you’re completing a home improvement project this season, here are some helpful safety tips to keep in mind.

safe home improvements

  1. Keep a Clean Work Area. You can easily avoid creating your own hazards if you take special care to tidy your workspace as you make your improvement. Ensure electrical and power cords stay untangled, store power tools when they’re not being used, pick up any fallen nails or sharp hardware, and remove all nails from old lumber.
  2. Dress the Part. Keeping your own body protected during a home improvement project is essential. Always wear safety glasses, gloves, protective clothing, work boots, and a hard hat if needed. It can be tempting to wear shorts and flip-flops when working outdoors in nice weather, but without the proper protection, your risk of sustaining an injury is much higher.
  3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals. Many adhesives, varnishes, strippers, and other products intended for use in renovation projects contain harmful or hazardous ingredients. Be sure to read the label for instructions on proper ventilation before use and opt for eco-friendly products whenever possible
  4. Check the Weather. Bad weather can not only compromise your own safety when working on outdoor home improvements, but can also affect the quality of your project if you choose to work in unfavorable conditions. Check the weather forecast before heading outside, and keep work areas protected from moisture and rain when needed.
  5. Know When to Use a Professional. Projects that involve things like handling lead-based paint, working on gas pipes, and electrical work can be dangerous to your health and safety. If you don’t have the proper knowledge, consider contracting the work to a licensed expert.

Extra Quick Tips:

  • Position ladders on flat, firm surfaces.
  • Keep your blades, cutters, and drill bits sharp.
  • Childproof your workspace and keep tools and sharp objects out of reach of children.
  • Avoid roofing projects during bad weather.
  • Check local building codes before beginning outdoor projects.

We Have What You Need for Home Improvements

At J.F. Johnson Lumber Company, we’re dedicated to providing homeowners and builders with the products and tools they need to complete renovations and home projects year-round. Contact us to learn more about our products, or head over to our lumber yard or hardware store and get everything you need to complete your improvements safely this year.

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