Replacing Your Doors for a Safer, Cleaner Home

The exterior doors of your home are there to keep the inside of your home warm, safe, clean, and dry. If your doors aren’t in the best shape, it can mean trouble for your comfort and even your health. Replacing your doors with more modern doors can do much more for your home than old, worn doors can, so when you plan home improvement projects in 2020, consider the following:

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Wood Doors

Offering a classic beauty that’s hard to resist, wood is a top choice among homeowners when replacing exterior doors. Modern wood doors are crafted with new features that only improve the energy-efficiency and safety of a home. There are plenty of styles and finishes available, so it’s easy to fit a new wood door with the current look of your home’s exterior.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors designed for your home’s exterior pair the classic style of wood with stability and rot-resistance. If you’re looking for the very best in performance, comfort, and energy-efficiency, fiberglass doors are the way to go.

Steel Doors

When you’re looking for an exterior door that can stand up to just about anything nature throws at it, steel is a solid option. Steel doors provide a striking appearance for your home while additionally providing durability and strength like no other. These doors come at different price points, making them affordable for any budget.

Screen Doors

Having a screen door allows you to keep out bugs and other pests while enjoying the cool breeze of fall or the warm sun in the spring and summertime. Vinyl screen doors offer homeowners a low-maintenance, easy-to-install, long-lasting solution for letting fresh air in without uninvited guests sneaking indoors.

Basement Doors

If your home has direct basement access, it’s important that your exterior door boasts the same durability and security that the rest of your doors provide. Many basements are used for storage, so most basement doors come in large and wide designs so that taking large items in and out is a breeze. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Exterior Doors?

J.F. Johnson Lumber Company specializes in all of the doors discussed above and much more. We use high-quality lumber and work with the very best in door design companies in order to provide homeowners throughout Maryland with the comfort, safety, and cleanliness they deserve for their homes. Contact us to learn more about our exterior door products today. 

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