Remodeling Tips for Making Your Dream Bathroom a Reality

If you’re going to take on a home remodeling project, you’ll need to spend a reasonable amount of time on planning and preparations. If your bathroom project is going to be worth the time, money, and effort you’ll be investing in it, you’ll have to make confident and informed decisions on the design, materials, and other primary aspects of your remodel. Check out these helpful remodeling tips for bringing your ideal bathroom vision to life.

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Our Experts Remodeling Tips.

Customize your cabinetry to express your style.

One of our bathroom remodeling tips is to update your bathroom’s cabinetry, it is often a natural focal point of the room, so choose materials, colors, or patterns that fit the style you desire for your new bathroom. You can also play around with custom cabinet shapes and different styles of  drawer pulls or bathroom hardware to personalize the new space.

Countertops should complement your cabinetry, and vice versa.

When choosing materials and colors for your new bathroom’s cabinets, don’t forget that your countertops should match their style. Whether you pick the cabinet design or the countertop design first, ensure the two go together well and complement one another visually.

Be practical with your flooring.

Your dream bathroom may be the epitome of luxury in your imagination, but it’s important to be practical when translating that dream into reality. Highly-polished stone or marble flooring might look perfect in your mind, but it becomes very slippery when wet. Try to pick a bathroom flooring material that is slip-resistant and impervious to water and aesthetically pleasing.

Remember to factor in wet walls.

It’d be wonderful if you could design a beautiful layout for your bathroom without taking anything other than aesthetic appeal into consideration, but it’s vital to factor in things like water lines, vent stacks, and plumbing drains. Although a one-wet-wall layout that aligns the sink, shower, and toilet along one wall is the most cost-effective option, it can also be very limiting. 

Whether you’re still unsure of how to design your ideal bathroom efficiently or you’ve got a great design in place and are ready to begin purchasing supplies and materials for your project, J.F. Johnson Lumber Company is here to help. With a showroom full of custom flooring, cabinet, countertop, and tile options, we can provide you with design ideas and help you better visualize your ideal bathroom. Additionally, our hardware store and lumberyard have the high-quality yet affordable hardware and materials you need to get the job done right. 

Contact us to get expert help with your dream bathroom today. 

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