Redesign your Kitchen, Gather ‘Round, & Seat Everyone Comfortably This Thanksgiving

Squeeze in, folks. Tired of not having any elbow room at the holiday dinner table? Maybe its time to redesign your kitchen.

Not every house has a big dining room. Some don’t have dining rooms at all. And not all kitchens are large enough to be eat-in. So, what’s a person to do?

Johnson Lumber can help you redesign your kitchen to accommodate for all those loved ones. Not ready to go quite that far yet? Check out these ways to fit everyone in with your current setup.

Switch Up the Location

Candle-lit outdoor dining table

Maybe the dining room isn’t the best place for the holiday meal. Move your couches aside and set up a table in the living room if it’s bigger.

Or better yet, with all the added heat from having the oven on for the last day, take the table outside. The open-air setting will at least give the feel of having more room to move around even if you are not able to set up a bigger table. This will also give you the opportunity to set up multiple tables, instead of just having one large, cramped table.

Pro Tip: If you set your table up outside and you use a tablecloth, you won’t have to wipe the table or sweep the floor when you’re done with the meal.

Essentials Only

White countertop island w/dark unders and saddle seating

Extravagant table settings and holiday décor can be a great way to add flair to your everyday dining room when the time is right. But considering the amount of extra people you’re having over, maybe save the space for them and not the gourd cornucopia that takes up half the table.

Instead of putting the serving trays on the table, set up a buffet line on your kitchen counter. It will still be self-serve, but it won’t take up space on the table.

Take a look at your dining room itself. If you are setting up for the holidays in the dining room, consider stowing some of the extra furniture and décor laying around. Also, if you’re using individual chairs for each person, try using bench seating. In this way you can maximize your seating capacity without minimizing your space.

Jonson Lumber Can Redesign your Kitchen

Galley-style kitchen with island and wood cabinets

We have qualified designers, trusted local suppliers, and 100 years of experience waiting for you. If you’re in or around Millersville or Edgewater, MD, give us a call. We’d love to talk.

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