Prepare your Windows and Doors for Winter

Windows and doors are the gateways into our homes – for friends and family, for good vibes and good times.

But they also let in the bad stuff too, especially when you’re not thinking about it.

When winter comes, most of us think about stocking up on firewood, checking our furnace filters, and making sure we pull our sweaters out from the back of the closet.

These are all great, but they won’t do much good if your doors and windows are letting the winter in.

The cold is one thing, but when you factor in wind and moisture also, the winter can leave you with quite a mess and unexpected costs.

Let’s check out some ways you can stay warm this winter and avoid those springtime headaches.

Single family home covered in snow

Keep the Winter Out

The wind and moisture brought by the winter can find its way into your home a number of ways.

The leading culprits are your doors and windows.

Ensure the point where your doors and windows meet your house are well-sealed.

Seal around them with caulk made specifically for outdoor use. This may need to be done more than once as your house expands and contracts with the fluctuating temperature.

Install weatherstripping where bigger gaps appear and on the inside of your door jams. This physical, semi-flexible barrier will act as a guard against wind and moisture while still allowing you to open and close your windows and doors freely.

Lock it Up

Locking your windows and doors rather than simply closing them creates a tighter seal.

The small gap between top and bottom windows or a door and its jam may seem negligible, but the wind is strong. It can push its way into the smallest of pathways.

Even if you have weatherstripping installed, if there is any wiggle-room around the seal, the wind will find its way in.

Dark natural wood doorway flanked by windows

This may be into the interior of your house itself or even into the walls.

Wind and moisture will speed up the degradation of your home’s structural integrity. Left alone it can lead to mold and mildew issues, as well damaging the framework and insulation.

So, don’t just close your doors and windows – lock them up.

Use Quality Products and Materials

At Johnson Lumber, we use only the best quality products and materials. Our suppliers stand behind their products, and we stand behind them.

For doors and windows, we go to United Window & Door and Marvin Windows and Doors.

Marvin Windows and Doors logo

Marvin specializes in doors and windows that are custom made-to-order. They pride themselves in offering highly customizable designs, energy efficient engineering, and unrivaled personal service. They also offer a wide range of wood types, finishes, and stains for you to pair with the existing design of your home. Their impeccable attention to detail and the custom-making of their products is what we like so much about them, and we think you will too.

Red United Window & Door logo

United is a company focused on offering the finest product with the most advanced manufacturing. They offer a wide array of vinyl window styles, including:

  • double hung
  • single hung
  • casement
  • sliding
  • bay
  • bow
  • garden

Call Johnson Lumber

Next year will be our 100th winter in Maryland. We know a thing or two about staying warm.

We are constantly looking for new technology and better ways to serve you.

You can trust that our products, knowledge, and techniques are the best of what’s out there.

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