Must-Have Features for Your Master Bath

Whether you’re updating your existing master bathroom or transforming a standard bathroom into a full and more functional space, there are plenty of features and products available for you to incorporate into your remodeling plans. Take a look at some of our favorites:

master bathroom features

Heated Floors

Hate getting out of a nice, warm shower only to feel the shock of cold flooring at your feet? A bath mat can reduce the chilling impact, but what about the other flooring space in your bathroom? Including heated flooring in your master bathroom remodel can be a great solution for making that warm feeling last.

Efficient Lighting

Looking for a way to update your master bathroom and save on your energy bill each month? You can take advantage of natural sunlight by having a skylight installed and lower your use of electricity by choosing “green”, energy-efficient bulbs and light fixtures to illuminate your space.

Water Closet

In modern language, a water closet is the term used for a small, enclosed space within a bathroom that houses the toilet and is separated from the rest of the bathroom. This master bathroom add-on feature offers more privacy in daily bathroom activities and can be as spacious or contained as your bathroom size allows. You can also add extra features and decor to  your water closet, including:

  • Self-Rising Toilet Cover
  • Venting Fan
  • Heated Seat
  • Automatic Air Freshener
  • Shelving or Storage Cabinets

Touchless Faucets

A great way to make your master bathroom more suitable for modern times is by adding touchless fixtures. Automatic sinks aren’t just for public bathrooms anymore, and you can add both convenience and style to your bathroom experience with an automatic faucet. These modern fixtures also help to limit the spread of germs, reduce water waste, and can make keeping your bathroom clean a breeze.

We Can Help with Your Remodel

The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company has a showroom full of custom bathroom remodeling products and expert bath designers that can help you bring your dream master bathroom to life. Additionally, our hardware store and lumberyard have the high-quality yet affordable hardware and materials you need to get the job done right. Contact us to get expert help with remodeling your master bathroom today.

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