What Material is Right For Your Porch Railings?

Porch railings are intended for safety but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some thought into the materials used.

It can be easy to just jump into a home design project without truly thinking of the possible consequences. Take for example porch railings installation, you may think that it seems like an easy project on paper, but in reality, there are plenty of factors that you must take into consideration before jumping in. One aspect you must pay due diligence to when preparing to put in a new porch railing, is picking out the right material for your porch railing. Make sure you avoid any mistakes when starting your remodeling project by picking out the best material for your porch railings.

Wooden railings

There is no material that can give you a classic look like wood can for your porch railing. Wood is an easily customizable material for your porch railing, thanks to a variety of wooden materials available for you to invest in to offer your home different styles and finishes to design with. There is also an added layer of customizability thanks to the fact that if your supplier does not have the right type of wood you desire, a special order can be made to their lumber yard so you get exactly what you need for the look you are going for. Wood is also one of the more affordable materials on the market, making it perfect for your porch if you are trying to stay under budget. Although if you do go with wood, you will need to keep in mind that wood is not rot resistant, and is susceptible to humidity and termites.

Metal railings

If you favor a material for your porch that is a tad more durable, than metal railings might be the option to go with here. Metal is more rot resistant than wood, as it can stand tall in humid climates and can avoid your home suffering from any termite damage. But, like any metal material, your metal railings for outdoor projects are not ideal for all weather conditions. Stainless steel and aluminum are just a few examples of the metal railings available for your porch.

Composite railings

Going with a composite material for your porch railings is a pricey decision to make, but is perhaps worth it in the long run. Composite railings will give your porch the same warm, classic look that normally only wood provides, but for a costlier price, it will provide your home with the durability and rot resistance that wood cannot. So for a little extra money, you will be getting the wood look, but with added protection and longevity.

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