Maryland Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy With 6 Simple Tips

If you’re searching for Maryland kitchen remodeling, you might not be completely satisfied with your kitchen. 

For homeowners with small or cluttered kitchens, a kitchen upgrade can be an effective way to make more use out of one of the best rooms in your home. 

The good news is that you don’t need to redo everything in the kitchen to enjoy the benefits of that space and efficiency. In some cases, you may not even need to pull out a hammer!

Today, we want to share six of our favorite Maryland kitchen remodeling ideas sure to upgrade your old kitchen into a beautiful, functional new space ( without completely redoing it).

  1. Remove any unnecessary items from countertops and shelves

Countertops and shelves are awesome for keeping your kitchen organized… to a point. When we use them without thinking, they can end up with too much stuff. The result? Kitchens that feel cramped and cluttered. Removing unnecessary items creates more negative space and makes the room feel bigger.

When your kitchen feels more open, your guests will enjoy it more, too. If you are getting ready for big holiday dinners or you regularly entertain, having a clean and organized kitchen is a must.

  1. Install open shelving to make the space feel less cluttered.

When it comes to making a small kitchen feel bigger, one of the best Maryland kitchen remodeling tips we can share; is to install open shelving. There are two main reasons why this makes a kitchen feel bigger:

  1. Fewer Cabinets – Open shelving eliminates the need for upper cabinets. This gives the illusion of more space since your line of sight isn’t interrupted by cabinet doors.
  2. Easy Access – It’s easier to access everything you need. When everything is within reach, it feels like there’s more space to move around. Plus, you won’t have to waste time searching for things that are hidden away in cabinets. 
  1. Hang a large mirror to reflect light and make your kitchen feel bigger

While mirrors have often been used to make spaces like hallways and living rooms feel bigger, they are just as effective in kitchens. Mirrors are an effective kitchen upgrade because of how they reflect more light into a space.

Plus, mirrors don’t take up any space or require any construction, meaning this is one kitchen renovation you can do yourself. 

  1. Paint the walls and ceiling a light color to brighten up

If you’re looking to make your kitchen feel bigger, try painting the walls and ceiling a lighter color. 

This will help to brighten the space as light colors tend to reflect more light than dark colors. Light color paints will also make your kitchen more accessible, for one of the most impactful Maryland kitchen remodeling upgrades.

  1. Replace old, outdated appliances with newer, sleeker models

For those of us who love cooking, we can end up using multiple kitchen appliances everyday. Even weekend warrior chefs will still use the fridge, oven, and/or microwave most days of the week.

So if any (or all) of those appliances are old or outdated, they could be keeping you from enjoying your kitchen as much as you’d like.

For a kitchen upgrade that adds functionality and style, consider new models for your most-used appliances. In many cases, a new appliance may actually be smaller. For coffee machines, blenders, and air fryers, this can really help save on counter and storage space.

Then, a fresh design can be an efficient way to give your kitchen a facelift without getting into more invasive renovations. 

  1. Add green plants to the space for a pop of color and freshness

A lot of advice about making a kitchen feel bigger comes down to subtraction, like removing clutter or finding smaller appliances. There are a few things you can also add to upgrade your kitchen, too. One of our favorites: green plants.

How would adding plants upgrade your Maryland kitchen remodeling? Plants add life to your kitchen. A pop of leaves, flowers, shoots, and stems helps bring a vibrancy to an otherwise plain kitchen. It can also be functional, like using a small planter to grow herbs that you use while cooking. 

Maryland Kitchen Remodeling With Johnson Lumber

No matter the size, a kitchen renovation will do wonders in making your kitchen feel more inviting and usable. With these simple steps, you have six ways to upgrade your kitchen that you can start on today. 

Want to speak with a professional about the next steps in your kitchen upgrade? Our kitchen design team is here to help design the kitchen of your dreams.

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