Kitchen Redesign Ideas for 2022

Get Inspired For Your 2022 Kitchen Redo With These Gorgeous Cabinets

Are you ready for your next kitchen redesign?

With fall in full swing, you’re about to be spending a lot of quality family time in the kitchen. 

From whipping up scary treats for Halloween to the turkey on Thanksgiving, the kitchen is bound to be bustling.

If your kitchen is just how you like it, that’s a great thing. All of your utensils are just where you want them, your cabinets all work, and you’ve got a manageable layout.

If you’ve been meaning to upgrade, though, you’ll likely notice now more than ever the shortcomings.

Though considering an upgrade during the busy season might not sound ideal, it’s actually the perfect time. 

As you stress test your kitchen, we encourage you to look through the cabinet options below and see how they might fit in with the kitchen of your dreams.

Preparing Yourself For New Cabinets

We are proud to work with a number of talented kitchen cabinet makers. They offer a range of budgets and styles to go with, so it is useful to consider a wide range.

That range can certainly be overwhelming, though. So for today, let’s take a step back and consider some different floor plans, some different cabinet styles, and colors.

Below you’ll see an offering from each of the cabinet makers we work with, plus a few details and links for more information. We’ll also include an idea of how these cabinets could be featured in your kitchen design or upgrade.

A StarMark Cabinets Kitchen With Monroe Style Doors

StarMark Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

When you’ve got kitchen décor you’d like to show off, it’s nice to have a space to display them. By using regular, solid cabinets alongside glass display cabinets, the space feels even more open and usable.

This cherry wood kitchen design from StarMark Cabinets also features quartz countertops for a nice, subtle mixing of materials.

Wolf Highlights Their Classic Cabinets With Dartmouth Doors

Wolf Classic Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

Often, a kitchen doesn’t need much for it to feel refreshed and new again. These Wolf Classic Cabinets are a more affordable, hiqh-quality option that come with a five-year warranty. If you’ve been dealing with sticking cabinets or misaligned doors, this could be a great way to upgrade. More information on customizing these Wolf Classic Kitchen Cabinets options can be found here.

Wolf Signature Cabinets Use A Plymouth Style Door

Wolf Signature Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

Another option for creating visual interest besides glass cabinets are open shelves. These maple wood stained shelves by Wolf Signature are a handsome example. Though the kitchen seems more muted, it allows the accent dishes and countertops to really stand out.

Wolf Endurance Cabinets Take The Storage Outside

Wolf Endurance Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

Though the temperature may be dropping, those heated, crowded kitchens may have you thinking about moving outdoors. These Wolf Endurance Cabinets are a nice reminder that cabinet storage doesn’t need to be limited to the indoors. 

Plus, their powder-coated finished and sealed storage keeps them looking attractive, no matter the season. If you’re looking to expand your kitchen redesign onto the patio, check out these other ideas of how to renovate your outdoor kitchen space.

Aristokraft Cabinetry Mixes Design And Storage

Aristokraft Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

What’s notable about the Aristokraft Cabinetry Gray Kitchen With Laminate Cabinets is the use of lighting to highlight the storage above. You may also have noticed the built-in wine storage cabinets as well. It may not be as big as your cellar, but eight bottles is always a welcome place to start – perfect for you 2022 kitchen redesign

Fabuwood Cabinetry Create A Sophisticated Space For Family Living

Fabuwood Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

What this Fabuwood Cabinetry set shows is the level to which cabinets can upgrade the sophistication of a room. Their Onyx Cabinets have a solid, stoic presence, while still showing off your dishes and glassware in a nice light. You can see more of their minimalist, modern styles available here.

Waypoint Living Spaces Cabinetry Highlight Functional Design 

Waypoint Living Spaces Cabinetry for kitchen redesign, Johnson Lumber, Maryland Kitchen Design

Another attractive example of how to use cabinets and shelves can be found with this Waypoint Living Spaces example. 

Chunkier, wider shelves draw the eye from the more subtle designs of the cabinets. This helps the kitchen to feel more open and active. If you’re interested, you can find more of the inspired designs from Waypoint Living Spaces here.

Transforming Your Kitchen Inspiration Into Action With Johnson Lumber

It’s easy to get swept away in the possibilities of a new kitchen. We hope this look through what our talented cabinet makers can do helped you come up with some more concrete ideas.

There’s no time like the present, so when you’re ready to take the next step with your kitchen redesign, contact our kitchen design team at Johnson Lumber.

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