What Kind of Maintenance Does Your Deck Need?

A little bit of deck maintenance will keep it structurally sound and functional.

A good deck can often be one of the most used spaces in a family home. It’s a fantastic area for everything from cookouts, to outdoor parties, to being a nice oasis for kicking back and reading a book. It’s not all fun and sun with a deck though as they do require some level of maintenance to keep them functional and beautiful. If you’re curious about deck maintenance but don’t know where to start, take a look at some of these tips.

Get Rid of Debris

First and foremost, you need to get rid of anything that may have ended up on your deck without you wanting it there. This could be leaves or sticks from nearby trees. Organic materials such as these can eventually cause wood rotting and even mold. Over time, these materials may also scrape off the paint or finish of your beloved deck and make it look a lot less appealing. It’s best to take care of it right away and sweep regularly.

Painting and Resealing

You don’t need to do this nearly as often as you should sweep, but about once per year, you should take the time to paint and reseal. This does have some dependence upon the climate you live in so it’s best to ask an expert, but in more humid environments, you sometimes may want to reseal more often. Not only is this an aesthetic concern, but it also keeps anyone who goes on your deck safe by protecting against structural damage.

Performing Inspections

Every few months, you will want to survey the area and make sure that your deck is still in good condition. Sometimes, rotting and mold can sneak up on you and cause a ton of expensive damage before you have a chance to get to it. Not noticing infrastructure damage could lead to an entire collapse and, if you haven’t budgeted for that kind of damage, it is best to perform preventative maintenance rather than deal with it afterwards.

Stopping Insects

Insects, such as termites, can be extremely detrimental to any outdoor wooden structure. Pest control can help control not just your home but your entire yard and, if you notice termites or carpenter bees, it may be time to take a look at pest control options out there.

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