What to Keep in Mind When Purchasing New Cabinets

Nailing the right cabinets can be the key to getting your kitchen looking right.

Making your kitchen functional and aesthetically pleasing hinges on getting a few elements right. One such essential are your kitchen cabinets, which aren’t just the face of your kitchen, but are also where you’ll end up storing dishes and groceries. Some simple changes in how you approach cabinets in your kitchen can make for a complete facelift of your space or change how you cook and enjoy company there. Let’s take a look at some of the main factors to keep in mind when shopping for new kitchen cabinets.

What Kinds?

There are, as with most home design considerations, a lot of options to choose from. Most homeowners opt for either stock or semicustom cabinets. A stock cabinet is prebuilt, in stock, and ready to be shipped and installed. These tend to be a quick install option as well as cost-friendly. Semicustom cabinets, with only a few options for variation, come with a larger price tag, whereas completely custom cabinets are the most expensive and can take over a month to produce.


These days, cabinettry isn’t as simple as it once was. There are a ton of options to make your life easier. For example, slide out shelves may make larger items like pots and pans more accessible and easier to organize. Lots of homeowners are also investing in pull-out garbage and recycling bins to clear up some floor space. When designing your dream kitchen, work with your contractors and designers to see how you can make your cabinets work for you.

Get Ready

While purchasing cainetry, remember that maintenance is going to become a regular part of your future. A cabinet repair kit–containing putty, markers, colored wax, and even extra screws–should be an essential part of any homeowner’s cabinet shopping experience. You may also want to buy some extra hinges and drawer-slide systems as these can wear-out relatively fast though they’re easy to replace.

Securing Your Cabinets

When your cabinetry is installed, be sure they won’t go anywhere. Before hanging them, try screwing in a 1”x3” beam towards the bottom of where your cabinets will go. This will add some extra support and stop them from falling or breaking!

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