How to Tell if You Need New Windows

Homeowners don’t often think of their windows when it comes to home upgrades or renovations. Sometimes, they cause problems for your home without being obvious about it. Even the best-quality windows won’t last forever, and if your home has old or builders-grade, it might be time to replace them. Here are some signs that youu need new windows:

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Sign #1: Difficulty Opening and Closing

Are your windows hard to close tightly? Do you need all of your strength to pry them open? Keeping them open in the spring and fall can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home during the milder seasons and can make your energy bills lower from the decreased HVAC use. But if your windows are faulty and difficulty to open and close, you might not get to take advantage of this money-saving opportunity. Your windows’ frames can swell due to weather and age, and if this seems to be the case for your home and is causing inconveniences, it’s best to have them replaced.

Sign #2: High Energy Bills

Although an old, outdated HVAC system could be the cause, faulty ones are also a common culprit for increased energy bills. If they weren’t installed properly or have become drafty over time, it can cause the hot and cold air from your home’s HVAC system to seep outside, which makes your system work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. When your system has to work overtime, it causes a spike in energy use, thus increasing your monthly bill.

Sign #3: Lack of Privacy

Windows aren’t made to be completely sound-proof, but they should be thick enough to keep most outdoor noises where they occur: outside. If your home has been feeling less quiet and private, you could benefit greatly from new, thick, sturdy ones that will keep inside noises inside, and outside noises out.

Sign #4: Condensation

Moisture can get trapped between the panes of glass in windows when the seal is worn or weakening. If you notice frost or water droplets in your windows, it’s likely that the materials used to seal and secure your windows in place have failed. The best way to keep the moisture out and have condensation-free windows? Get them replaced!

J.F. Johnson Lumber Company is here to make your home a more warm, private, energy-efficient, and attractive place to live. Our window products are custom and made-to-order to your exact specifications. Contact us to learn more about how our affordable window options can better your home today.

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