How To Clean Your Deck for Summer

Considering the nice weather we’ve been having, you’ve probably started using your deck already. If you’ve had a few gatherings on it this season (or even if you’ve only had a few breakfasts), you may need to give it a nice wash before your next event. Here’s what you need before you start scrubbing.

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Break Out the Broom

Before you get any water involved, you should sweep the deck. Make sure to clear out any debris and surface dirt on the entirety of the deck. You should also move any furniture either inside or onto the lawn so that you can clean without anything in your way. Keep in mind that cleaning and resealing your deck is a two-day job, so make sure that wherever you move your items, you’re ready to leave them there for a day or so.

You should also make any repairs that you need to make at this stage. Look for loose nails, chips, and other problem areas you can take care of to keep your deck maintained.

Lather Up with Some Water and a Gentle Cleaner!

This is where the fun begins. Go ahead and hose the deck off with a gentle stream of water. Though you can use a power washer on wooden and composite decks, you should be careful. If the power washer is set too high, you can damage the deck and cause yourself more problems down the line. So, keep it below 40 cc. Then you can use a gentle deck cleaner to clean the deck with a soft-bristled brush. Most standard deck cleaners require the deck to be wet first, so you’ll be in good shape.

Time to Seal it Up!

All that you need to do after cleaning it is seal it. You can apply the sealant using a paintbrush or paint roller. Apply two coats and then wait for them to dry. Then, you’re done. Your deck will be gorgeous and ready to go for your next big event! Just make sure that your deck is completely dry before you apply the sealant and then after you apply it before you put your furniture back.

Need Some Help With Your Deck?

Whether you need cleaning supplies or you’re in search of a few good nails, Johnson Lumber is here to help you.  Our stores have everything you need to keep your deck looking its best all summer long, so stop in today!

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