How AristoKraft Cabinets Can Help Upgrade Your Home’s Style

If you’re in the middle of a home or kitchen renovation, you’re likely deep in the search for new cabinets.

With so many ranges of styles, materials, and layouts to choose from, it’s helpful to have a starting point.

One recommendation we give to homeowners of all sorts is to start by looking at AristoKraft Cabinets. At Johnson Lumber, we’ve seen firsthand how the brand has grown over the years to become one that fits the needs of new and experienced homeowners alike. 

Now, AristoKraft has a suite of offerings from trendy to traditional that allows homeowners to pick a style that suits them and their budget. 

More than just the aesthetics, this kitchen and bath brand is driven to make your home more functional. With each of their lines, they combine clean design with organization, functionality, and purpose. 

After all, when you get more functionality out of your space, you end up enjoying it more, too.

To dive further into their cabinets and help you visualize your renovated space, we’re sharing a few of their kitchen and workplace essentials.

AristoKraft’s Classic Embrace Of Traditional Kitchen Styling

Even as modern kitchen styles grow in popularity, there will always be a place for the classic kitchen.

Bridging the gap between the two, cabinet design has emphasized for years a transitional (or casual) styling. By laying aside some of the more popular, elaborate elements, cabinet design could embrace a simpler path. This clean-lined, cohesive feel has led to the kitchens many of us know and recognize today. 

Now, we are seeing a gentle mixing of some more traditional elements with this transitional feel. Those elements can include elevated door styles, larger moldings, and ornate architectural details. 

This style can be seen in one of AristoKraft’s partial overlay door styles, Dana. 

What’s especially noteworthy about Dana is how well it mixes these two styles. That flexibility makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of rooms. 

As you’ll note, the style of the door is built around a flat center panel and 5-piece drawer front. These doors are available in the durable Purestyle offering, as well.

To help clarify the difference between a partial overlay and a full overlay, take a look at this comparison below.

With the partial overlay style, you can see how some of the cabinet face frame can be seen at all times. This can be desirable for interior designers because it doesn’t always require additional decorative hardware to make it functional.

Depending on where the cabinet door is located, this style can give you more clearance space for opening and closing it. What’s more, fewer pieces means the doors will likely end up a more cost-friendly choice, too.

Enhancing Your Kitchen With AristoKraft Cabinetry

As stunning as a photo spread of a kitchen might look, we all know that a kitchen can only be as beautiful as it is functional.

To get there means striving for a kitchen that is well-organized and with ample storage. AristoKraft’s emphasis on impactful, simple designs is another reason why we’re big fans of their product lines.

A current trend in kitchen design involves deep drawers. In addition to being especially useful for larger pots and pans, they allow homeowners to get rid of previous wall storage solutions. With that extra wall space, you’d be able to put in larger windows, letting in more natural light to your kitchen and to your home.

To help make that a possibility for more homeowners, AristoKraft added a deep drawer to its line of tall oven cabinets. In addition to larger cookware, these deep drawers can also keep your Tupperware organized. As you’ll soon find, having more storage options gives you more possibilities. Gone are the days of playing Tetris to stack all of your cookware and containers in a single space.

While there are plenty of items you may be fine storing away in cabinets, what happens to those decorative pieces you’d like to share with your visitors? From collections of salt shakers to Italian pottery, having glass wall cabinets can be a welcome way to display your treasures.

Plus, it allows you to add yet another touch of personalization to make your kitchen your own.

AristoKraft Cabinetry
deep drawers
With deep drawers, you have a convenient way to store pots, pans, serving ware, and food containers.
AristoKraft Cabinetry
Wall Storage
By replacing the need for wall storage, deep drawers can help you create a brighter, airier kitchen.
AristoKraft Cabinetry
Glas Front Cabinets
Make your kitchen even more personal with glass wall cabinets.

Upgrade Your Work From Home Setup With AristoKraft

Now that working from home is becoming more normal, it’s time to start treating our work-from-home spaces as an actual part of the home. To do so, we’ve got to imbue those spaces with form and functionality.

Achieving that can be as simple as upgrading your cabinets. With a more professional space, you’ll likely find yourself more motivated to get your work done, and then get on with your day.

One excellent option for those piles of paper is AristoKraft’s Desk File Drawer Cabinet. Its thoughtful redesign takes those papers off your desk while still keeping them nearby.

Of course, you’re always welcome to take it a step further. Continue upgrading your office with other must-have pieces like a built-in bookcase, cabinet drawers, or under-counter knee drawer. The more pleasant and purpose-built your space, the easier it will be to use for years!

Aristokraft’s Desk File Drawer Cabinet
Aristokraft’s Desk File Drawer Cabinet
AristoKraft Cabinetry
Dana Purestyle Greyhound Office set
[ Dana Purestyle Greyhound ] Trendy Aristokraft Office 

How Johnson Lumber Can Help You Install AristoKraft Cabinetry

From the kitchen to the office, AristoKraft Cabinets are designed to enhance the style and functionality of your home.

If you’re in the middle of your own redesign, or are getting ready to start, Johnson Lumber is here to help. With 100 years serving our customers in Central Maryland and beyond, it’d be our pleasure to guide you on your renovation project, too. Get in touch with the expert team at Johnson Lumber today to get started!

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