What Kind of Front Door Material is Right For You?

Front Door
The right material for your front door should match your personality.

Everyone knows how important first impressions are. For your house, your front door is very much the first impression most people are going to have of your home before they even step foot. It’s important that you pair your home with the appropriate front door that best suits you and gives off the impression you want. So, how exactly do you decide what kind of door you should be looking for?


Wood doors are a classic, which explains their immense popularity. Their easily customizable appearance and variety provides your front door home with a classic warm look, ready to invite in whoever may knock on it. In addition to their look, they also offer a practical benefits to the homeowner. Wood doors are extremely energy efficient and safe. However, the toll of time does have an effect on them. As the seasons come and go, the elements will have an impact on wooden doors as the wood will naturally warp resulting in breaks in the door’s air-sealing. As a result, wood doors will require replacing more often than other doors, like fiberglass.

Fiberglass doors

If you are looking for the look of wood, but want a front door with a longer lifespan and protection, than fiberglass is the door for you. Fiberglass doors provide the same warmth and energy efficiency you would find with wooden doors, but without the worry of needing to be replaced. These front doors are rot resistant, strong, and will welcome people into your home for years to come. Although they may come at a higher price, the door will pay for itself over time with how much you save.

Screen and Storm Doors

For an added sense of protection in your home, you may want to consider adding a screen or storm door as well. Screen doors will help ensure that no bugs will be stepping foot into your house, while also helping to air out your home and let fresh air in. Storm doors also offer similar protection, but instead offer a wider variety of colors and styles that suit the first impression you want your front door to give off.

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