How Energy Efficient Windows Can Save You Money

As a homeowner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save money and make your home more energy efficient. This is how energy efficient windows can help.

One area often overlooked is your windows. Did you know that windows can be a prime culprit when it comes to energy loss? 

They can let in drafts during the winter and allow heat to seep in during the summer. This inevitably leads to high energy bills. Fortunately, there are solutions, and we’re here to help. 

With over 100 years of experience serving the Maryland community, we specialize in providing energy-efficient design solutions that can help you save money. 

Today we’re breaking down just how your windows could be costing you money, sharing DIY tips to solve small problems, and revealing how one of our favorite energy efficient brands, Marvin Windows, could be just what your home needs.

4 Ways Your Windows Cost You Money 

When it comes to high energy bills, your windows might be the hidden culprit. 

Inefficient windows can lead to drafts, heat gain, UV damage, and condensation, all of which contribute to increased energy costs and discomfort in your home.

  1. Drafty winters– Poorly sealed windows can allow cold air to seep into your home, forcing your heating system to work harder and increasing energy consumption.
  2. Hotter summers – Windows with low energy efficiency ratings can allow heat from the sun to penetrate your home, causing your cooling system to run longer and use more energy.
  3. UV damage – Unprotected windows can allow harmful UV rays to fade your furniture, flooring, and other interior elements, leading to costly replacements or repairs.
  4. Condensation – Single-pane windows are more prone to condensation, which can lead to mold growth, window frame deterioration, and even structural damage.

DIY Solutions to Improve Window Energy Efficiency

While replacing your windows is a sure-fire way to solve these problems, you might want to try a few of these DIY measures first.

  • Caulking and weatherstripping – Seal any gaps or cracks around your windows with caulk and apply weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal.
  • Window film – Apply low-emissivity window film to reduce heat transfer and block harmful UV rays without compromising your view.
  • Window treatments – Install insulating window treatments such as cellular shades or thermal curtains to provide an extra layer of insulation.
  • Draft stoppers – Place draft stoppers along the bottom of your windows to prevent drafts from entering your home.
  • Window insulation kits – Use window insulation kits to create an additional barrier against cold drafts.

3 Signs It’s Time to Invest in New Energy Efficient Windows

Despite your best Tim the Toolman Taylor impression, your DIY efforts may not be enough to fix your old windows. 

Keep an eye out for the following indicators that investing in new energy efficient windows is the right choice for your home.

  • Visible damage – If you notice rotting, warping, or cracked frames, it’s a clear sign that your windows are no longer energy efficient and need replacement.
  • Difficulty opening or closing – Windows that are difficult to operate or don’t close properly indicate wear and tear, compromising their energy efficiency.
  • High energy bills – If your energy bills have been consistently high, despite taking measures to improve efficiency, it’s a strong indicator that your windows are a major source of energy loss.

Introducing Marvin Windows

At J.F. Johnson Lumber Company, we proudly offer a wide range of Marvin Windows to meet your needs. 

Marvin Windows are made-to-order, one at a time, to your exact specifications. They offer customization options, exclusive features, and high-performance energy efficiency innovations.

Choose from a variety of Marvin Windows, including:

  • Double-Hung Windows – Classic and versatile, these windows have two vertically sliding sashes.
  • Casement Windows – Hinged on one side, these windows open outward, providing excellent ventilation.
  • Single-Hung Windows – Similar to double-hung windows, but only the bottom sash is movable.
  • Round Top Windows – Add architectural interest with these curved or half-circle windows.
  • Slider Windows – Horizontally sliding windows that are easy to operate and maintain.
  • Awning Windows – Hinged at the top, these windows open outward, allowing fresh air in even during light rain.
  • Bay Windows – Create a cozy nook and enhance your home’s curb appeal with these three-sided windows.
  • Special Shapes – Custom shapes and sizes to fit unique design requirements.
  • Bow Windows – Create a gentle, curved arc with multiple windows that protrude from the exterior wall.
  • Single-Hung Round Top Windows – Combines the elegance of a round top window with the functionality of a single-hung window.

Enjoy A More Energy-Efficient Home With Marvin Windows and Johnson Lumber

End your search for energy-efficient windows with Marvin Windows. Each window is made just for you, ensuring a perfect fit with your home or design vision.

Ready to make your home more energy efficient? Call today and let us help you choose the perfect Marvin Windows for your project.

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