Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re looking to achieve a more eco-friendly bathroom, there is a variety of design options you can choose from to make the most of your investment and create the perfect personal space. Whether you want your bathroom remodel to result in lower utility and water bills for your home, or you desire a living space that’s as environmentally-friendly as possible, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom fit your needs. 

eco-friendly bathroom

Take a look at some of the popular elements homeowners are using to remodel their bathrooms with energy and water savings in mind:

Low-Flow Toilets

Did you know that an outdated or leaky toilet can use over 100 gallons of water in a single day? Conventional toilets typically use around 1.5 gallons per flush, and if you opt for a low-flow or dual-flush toilet, you can see a significant decrease in water usage for your home. 

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Lighting

The best eco-friendly bathroom lighting is, of course, natural light. If your bathroom’s location allows, consider installing a solar tube or skylight. These options help you use artificial lighting less frequently in your bathroom while still getting the privacy you desire.

Cabinet and Countertop Materials

Eco-cabinetry is built from formaldehyde-free, solid, recycled, or reclaimed wood. Consider these materials for your bathroom cabinets, vanities, and other storage spaces to improve the air in your space and avoid unsafe chemicals when remodeling. Additionally, you can install countertops that are made from recycled materials like tile, wood, glass, paper, concrete, or steel. Feel free to ask a local lumber and hardware company about their “green” products for eco-friendly bathroom remodeling projects. 

VOC-Free Paints and Finishes

Volatile organic compounds, also referred to as VOCs, are chemicals emitted as gasses from many household products. Varnishes and paints are no exception, so if you’re looking to design a more eco-friendly bathroom, it’s important to find VOC-free paint, coatings, and varnishes to use for your remodel. 

Get Eco-Friendly Bathroom Materials in MD

At The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality tools and building materials to homeowners throughout Maryland. From plumbing parts and cabinetry to countertops and sinks, we’ve got it all. Reach out to us to learn more about our bathroom products, lumber yard, or design services today, and get an eco-friendly bathroom you’ll love.

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