How to Design a Small Kitchen

Trying to design a kitchen when you have limited space can be difficult but it’s made easier with these imaginative tips.

Your kitchen may be the heart and soul of your home, but sometimes the square footage just doesn’t live up to your dreams. Even if you are in a small house, or your kitchen is just a small room, you can still develop a kitchen design that turns it into a beautiful space that satisfies your needs. With the right design, even the smallest kitchen can exceed your expectations.

Start With Function

If you want the final product to look and work like a dream, you have to start with a functional layout. First, make sure that your sink, stove, and fridge can be easily accessed so you can move between them without struggle. The traditional triangle layout is good for small kitchens. Next, make sure you are including enough counter space. All the gadgets in the world won’t make you kitchen better if you have no space to work. Finally, include enough cabinet storage to efficiently accommodate all the things you have, or want to have, in your kitchen.

Choose Your Color Scheme

It may sound weird to do this so early, but you are going to want to choose a color scheme (from paint to cabinets to fixtures) and stick to it through the whole process. If you choose all of the elements individually, you could end up with a wide variety of colors that make your small kitchen feel cluttered and even smaller than it actually is.

Don’t Bunch Up The Cabinetry

It is super important to have adequate storage space, but a lot of bulky cabinetry can make your small kitchen feel closed off. Break up the cabinets with one or two appliances, like a range hood and microwave unit, or with open or glass door shelving.

Light The Space

The right lighting can make your small space feel more open, while bad lighting will almost always emphasize how small it is. Consider recessed lighting, especially in kitchens with low ceilings. If you do opt for pendant lights, consider placing one over the sink, or over your small island or breakfast bar (if you have the space). Finally, don’t discount the wall sconces. They are a great way to light the space over open cabinets and windows.

Be Picky With Accessories

When you’re short on space, everything has to be long on function. In a small kitchen, it doesn’t make sense to devote limited storage space to something that you never use, or something that has no function. If you love your collection of chatzkies, consider moving them to a shelf in the living room, where they can be displayed. Finally, plan to devote storage space in cabinets to occasionally used appliances, rather than leaving them on the counter.

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