Decking Materials

Are you searching for the perfect deck to beautifully accent your backyard, serve as a platform for fun summer nights with friends, and add value to your home? The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company has the largest selection of decking materials in the area. We are passionate about selling only the best in decking materials with excellent customer service and follow-through. Are you ready to experience the best in decking? Visit one of our locations in Millersville or Edgewater!

Deck Installation

In addition to our decking materials, we also offer deck installation, porch installation, resurfacing, and repairing. All of our installers and technicians have years of experience and do a beautiful job from start to finish. We offer top-notch work at competitive prices and know that you will love the finished product. By purchasing your supplies and installation services from the same customer-centered business, your deck installation or porch installation experience will be seamless and pleasant.

Pressure Treated Decking

Johnson Lumber offers Premium Grade pressure treated lumber, from Culpeper Wood Preservers, to all of our residential and commercial customers. From dimensional lumber to decking boards we offer the finest pressure treated lumber for your next project.

Cedar Wood Decking

Cedar wood decking is one of the most classically beautiful decking materials. Thanks to its origin, the rainy Pacific Northwest, cedar wood naturally protects itself from damage caused by water and insects with natural oils. Cedar wood decking is also naturally resistant to warping, cupping, and cracking.

Cedar wood decking is easy on your saw blades and your eyes. All it takes to maintain the rich cedar color is a water-repellant finish or semi-transparent stain. If you don’t take the time to protect cedar wood, it will fade to a weathered gray (like ipe wood).

Ipe Wood Decking

Ipe wood decking, also known as Brazilian walnut decking, is the best wood decking on the market today, and it’s used in countless commercial and residential decking projects. Ipe is an exotic hardwood with a natural resistance to rotting, decay, and certain insect infestations. Ipe wood also has the highest rating for termite resistance. Ipe wood decking is many times harder than other wood species and is an eco-friendly renewable resource. Due to its incredible strength, it can actually break certain saw blades. For your decking, order ipe wood with a groove on each edge for attaching hidden fasteners to avoid pre-drilling surface fasteners.

Ipe has a beautiful and rich natural color, but requires additional care to not weather. If you leave ipe wood decking alone without additional treatment, it will fade to a soft silver patina. To protect the natural appearance and wood itself, use a UV protectant coating to stop fading. If you prefer the weathered and gray look, you don’t need to worry about the wood itself losing any integrity, rotting, splintering, or suffering from an insect infestation. Ipe wood decking is a fantastic investment for your family, as it can last over 75 years without needing replacement.

PVC & Composite Decking

Composite decking is a wildly popular and easy to maintain wood decking alternative. Composite decking is made of wood fiber and plastic, which can both be recycled and repurposed, combined into a durable and multi-purpose plank. As composite decking has continued to gain popularity throughout the decking industry, it is available in more colors, patterns, and wood-mimicking styles than ever before. Composite decking is ideal for commercial or residential customers who don’t have much time to spend maintaining their outdoor landscaping and hardscaping but still want timeless beauty and durability.

The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company stocks five of the highest-quality names in composite decking:

  • Azek
  • Trex
  • TimberTech
  • Wolf
  • Evergrain


We stand by all of our products and only sell the best in the business.

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Outdoor Railing

No deck is complete without good quality outdoor railings. We offer aluminum, wooden, and plastic railings from affordable and premium brands. All of our railings are available in-stock or within a few days in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. Some of our most popular outdoor railings include:

  • Endurance: vinyl
  • Azek Premier: composite
  • Trek railings: aluminum, composite
  • Timbertech: capped wood, aluminum, composite
  • Deckoraters: aluminum
  • Atlantis Rail Systems: stainless steel
  • Wolf: vinyl, composite
  • Intex: Cellular PVC  Extruded Rail System

Outdoor Lighting

Do you spend lots of time outside after dark? Set the mood with deck lighting that seamlessly integrates with your outdoor living area. The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company offer many high-quality outdoor lighting options including:

  • Aurora deck lighting
  • Solar lighting
  • Dekor’s diverse and beautiful lighting options
  • Timbertech’s Decklites line featuring low voltage and high impact lighting

Decking Accessories

Johnson Lumber also offers all of the other odds and ends you need to install decking at your home. Our additional decking products include:

Decking Fasteners

  • FastenMaster Timberlok
  • Swan Timber Tamers

Hidden Fastening Systems

  • Concealoc for Azek/ Timbertech
  • Trex Hideaway
  • Camo Hidden Fasteners
  • Tigerclaw
  • Cortex for Azek/Trex/Timbertech & more
  • Hidfast
  • Invisi-Fast
  • Deckmaster

Under Deck Dry Area Systems

  • Dexerdry
  • Dry Space
  • Rain Escape
  • Zip-Up UnderDeck ceiling

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If you own a deck, then you already know the peace of enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard. If you don’t own a deck, then you have come to the right place! As you design your ideal deck, there are a few items to consider. Not only should you think about the aesthetic value of your deck material, but you must also consider the way the material feels to walk on and how much time you will spend taking care of it. Today we’re going to be discussing two common types of deck material that you can choose from as you design your ideal deck. Let’s jump right in.

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Natural wood offers a sophisticated deck experience.

There is something effortlessly elegant about natural materials. Cedar and Redwood are the most common types of natural wood and both offer a certain level of sophistication. Cedar is yellow in color and feels nice to walk on in bare feet. Redwood is, of course, reddish in color and it also offers a pleasant surface to walk on. Each of these woods should last about twenty years with proper care. Not only that, but the natural oils in the wood help to protect against rot and insects. Using the proper stains and seals will also help to ensure a long, healthy life for your deck. Now, if you’re looking for a deck material that requires a little less maintenance, then read on.

Composite deck material offers a low-maintenance alternative.

For some of us, the hustle and bustle of daily life doesn’t leave much time to maintain a deck.  Composite decking provides the perfect solution. It is made from recycled plastics and wood fibers to create a strong, resilient material. Composite decking won’t warp or splinter with age and won’t require stains to keep it looking its best. Composite materials come in a variety of colors so that you can create the deck that fits the palette of your outdoor space. You should note, however, that composite decking rings in at a higher price than its natural alternative. It’s all about designing the space that fits your needs.

We can help you find the right fit.

No matter what kind of decking material you’d prefer, the help of a professional is what you need to make the most of your new deck. We can help you answer the tough questions about your new deck and even help you pick out the perfect material. Give us a call when you’re ready to enjoy your new deck and we’ll open your eyes to the possibilities.