Decking Design Trends in 2024: 9 Trends To Liven Up Your Backyard

Are you planning to build a deck in 2024? Considering a deck remodel to add some flair to your outdoor space? 

There’s no better time to start planning, and no better company to do it with. With over 100 years of dedicated service to central Maryland, we here at Johnson Lumber are here to guide you through the latest Deck Design Trends. 

We’ve scoured the internet high and low, we’ve seen the design magazines, and we’ve considered the other housing trends happening right now to distill it down to this: 9 trends you can apply to your deck next year.

Explore the Latest Deck Design Trends

Welcome to the world of deck design trends that will dominate 2024. From modern minimalism to nature-inspired aesthetics, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Modern & Minimal

Embrace the timeless allure of modern minimalism with various shades of gray. You’re sure to appreciate this style for its clean lines and versatility. Opt for composite or PVC decking materials for durability, low maintenance, and the perfect modern aesthetic. 

This trend is here to stay, offering a sophisticated retreat for years to come.

  1. Inside-Out Decks

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, inside-out decks provide sheltered spaces for year-round enjoyment. Consider durable hardwoods like Ipe for decking and pergolas for a timeless appeal. 

You’ll love this trend for its versatility and the added functionality of creating outdoor rooms. It’s a design investment that will stand strong through the years.

  1. Shape-Shifting

Step away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary with shape-shifting decks. 

If you’re searching for a truly unique backyard, you’ll appreciate the visual interest of oval or circular designs. Choose composite decking for flexibility in shaping, ensuring your deck remains a standout feature for years to come.

  1. Exotic Woods

Differentiate your deck with the luxury of exotic woods like African teak or Balau. Though they’re an investment, you’ll find there’s a lot to value about these materials, including their exclusivity and durability. Plus, they’ll make a bold statement in the neighborhood. 

Exotic woods not only add a touch of opulence but also promise lasting beauty, ensuring your deck remains a status symbol for the foreseeable future.

  1. Nature-Inspired

Connect with nature by integrating green elements into your deck, a trend that’s also a lasting ode to the environment.

You’re sure to appreciate the serenity that plant features bring to the outdoor space. Choose eco-friendly materials like recycled composite decking and explore sustainable landscaping options. 

  1. Perimeters That Pop

Details make all the difference, and we think you’ll recognize the impact of well-designed perimeters. Choose high-quality wood for contrasting perimeter boards and consider incorporating stone elements. 

This trend, which combines safety, style, and high-end details, ensures your deck stands out and stands the test of time.

  1. Light Up The Night

Extend your deck’s utility into the evening with the warm glow of string lights, a one-way ticket to the cozy ambiance and energy efficiency of solar-powered lighting. 

This trend not only enhances your outdoor living experience but also ensures you can enjoy your deck well after the sun sets.

  1. Stacked Decks

In hilly landscapes, stacked decks are a practical and aesthetic choice. There’s a lot to appreciate in this utilization of space and the dynamic look it adds to the backyard. 

To take it to the next level, consider treated lumber or composite materials for durability, ensuring your multi-level deck remains a functional and stylish feature for years to come.

  1. Very Great Varied-Plank Decks

Why let your home’s interior steal the show? Many folks gravitate towards varied-plank decks for the intricate patterns they can create. 

To pull it off, choose hardwoods like Cumaru for durability and a luxurious look. This trend ensures your deck becomes a work of art, capturing attention and admiration.

Is Your Deck Ready For 2024?

Transform your outdoor living space with these 2024 deck design trends. For quality wood and expert advice, trust Johnson Lumber – your partner in creating the perfect deck for your home. 

To find out more about these trends, including material availability, be sure to get in touch with the Johnson Lumber team today.

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