Deck Out Your Deck In 2024: Top 5 Decking Accessories from Johnson Lumber

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing deck for 2024 or guiding a new deck installation, the right decking accessories can take your outdoor space to new heights. 

Are you looking for ways to liven up your deck with the latest accessories, like state-of-the-art deck lighting or stylish railings? At Johnson Lumber, with over 100 years of experience in the Maryland area, we’re here to guide you through the best decking accessories to enhance your outdoor living

From outdoor railings that combine safety with elegance to innovative lighting solutions that set the mood, we’ll guide you through a selection of accessories that will help you get the most of your deck in 2024.

Let’s explore how these additions can transform your outdoor space into the place to be for relaxation and entertainment.

Outdoor Deck Railings: Safety Meets Style

Outdoor railings are not just safety features; they are style statements too. Here’s how they can help your deck stand out:

  • Functionality – Railings provide safety and define the perimeter of your deck.
  • Styles – Available in various styles like vinyl (Endurance, Wolf), composite (Azek Premier, Wolf, TimberTech), aluminum (Trek, TimberTech, Deckorators), and stainless steel (Atlantis Rail Systems).
  • Brands – We carry top brands including Endurance, Azek Premier, Trek, TimberTech, Deckorators, Atlantis Rail Systems, Wolf, and Intex.

Outdoor Deck Lighting: Shine Bright Into The Evening

Outdoor lighting extends the usability of your deck into the evening hours, creating a warm ambiance. Here’s what to know:

  • Purpose – Enhances the beauty of your deck and ensures safety in the dark.
  • Styles – Options include Aurora deck lighting, Solar lighting, Dekor, and Timbertech’s Decklites line featuring low voltage and high impact lighting.
  • Brands – We offer Aurora, Dekor, and Timbertech’s Decklites, among others.

Decking Fasteners: The Backbone of Deck Stability

Decking fasteners are crucial for the integrity and longevity of your deck. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Role – Ensure your deck boards are securely fastened and remain in place.
  • Types – Available in various styles including FastenMaster Timberlok and Swan Timber Tamers.
  • Brands – We provide quality brands like FastenMaster and Swan.

Hidden Fastening Systems: A Sleek, Screw-Free Look

Hidden fastening systems offer a clean, screw-free deck surface. Here’s why they’re a great choice:

  • Advantages – Provides a seamless look without visible screws.
  • Options – Systems available for various decking materials like Azek, Timbertech, Trex, and more.
  • Brands – Our range includes Concealoc, Trex Hideaway, Camo Hidden Fasteners, Tigerclaw, Cortex, Hidfast, Invisi-Fast, and Deckmaster.

Under Deck Dry Area Systems: Maximizing Outdoor Space

Turn the area under your deck into a dry, usable space with these systems:

  • Purpose – Creates a waterproof area under your deck for additional outdoor living or storage space.
  • Systems – Options include Dexerdry, Dry Space, Rain Escape, and Zip-Up UnderDeck ceiling.
  • Brands – We offer reliable systems like Dexerdry, Dry Space, and more.

Which Deck Accessories To Include In Your 2024 Deck Installations

When considering a new deck in 2024, think about these use cases for decking accessories:

  1. For Entertaining, Invest In Outdoor Lighting

Imagine your deck bathed in a warm, inviting glow as the sun sets. Outdoor lighting not only sets a perfect ambiance for evening gatherings but also accentuates the features of your deck. 

From sleek, low-voltage Decklites by Timbertech to solar-powered lanterns, these lighting options can highlight your deck’s best features and make every evening a special occasion.

  1. For Safety and Style Go With Outdoor Railings

Safety meets elegance with our range of outdoor railings. Envision sleek, stainless steel railings from Atlantis Rail Systems adding a modern touch, or the classic beauty of TimberTech’s composite railings blending seamlessly with your deck’s aesthetic. 

These railings not only ensure safety but also elevate the overall look of your deck, making it a standout feature of your home.

  1. For a Sleek Look, Opt For Hidden Fastening Systems

If you’re looking for a deck surface so smooth and unblemished, it looks like a single piece of crafted wood, then consider hidden fastening systems.. Hidden fastening systems, like the Camo Hidden Fasteners or Trex Hideaway, offer this clean, screw-free appearance. 

They provide the structural integrity your deck needs while maintaining a sleek, visually appealing surface that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

  1. For Additional Outdoor Space, Use Under Deck Dry Area Systems

Imagine utilizing the space under your deck as a cozy, dry retreat or for additional storage. Systems like Dexerdry or Rain Escape transform this often-overlooked area into a functional extension of your home. 

Whether it’s creating an outdoor lounge area protected from the elements or a storage space for garden tools, these systems maximize the utility of your deck.

Ready to Upgrade Your Deck? Contact Johnson Lumber

Choosing the right accessories is key to creating the deck of your dreams. At Johnson Lumber, we’re here to provide expert advice and high-quality materials for your deck installation
Whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading an existing one, our team is ready to help you make the best choices for your home. Contact us today to start planning your perfect deck for 2024!

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