Contractor Services

This is the Johnson Lumber Contractor resources page. Please feel free to call us directly at (410) 987-5200 if you have additional questions or are not able to find what you are looking for here.

Helpful hint on entering your payments:

Our payment system allows you to designate the amount that you are paying on each invoice. Just enter the invoice numbers and amounts.

However, if you wish to make payments that are non-specific to invoices, you may do so. Just create your own comment in the “Invoice #” box.

Any designation in the “Invoice #” box can be entered.

Example 1: To pay your whole October statement balance you can enter “October stmt.” or “STMT” or something similar in the “Invoice #” box.

pay example 1

Example 2: To enter a payment to just pay down your balance by some amount, you can enter “special” or “Smith job deposit” or any label that helps to identify the source or use of the payment.

pay example 2