What to Consider When Purchasing a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink
The right kitchen sink is functional as well as elegantly stylized.

One of the most important features in a kitchen is the sink. Your kitchen sink should be functional and well placed for the kitchen to flow and fit your needs. Based on your needs and the way you use your kitchen, there are many different options that you’ll have to choose from. Grab a pen and paper, and jot down some of the ideas you have about the look, location, size, and function of your new kitchen sink.

Type of Sink

When it comes to the types of kitchen sinks, your first thought may be centered on the configuration, which includes the location and number of basins. Do you need a large sink with a single basin or a sink with two basins? Should they be of equal size or would you prefer one be smaller than the other? Keep in mind the size of your pots and pans that you’ll cook with.

Shape of Sink

Not all kitchen sinks are shaped the same. Farmhouse sinks are known for being large and having an apron front, while round sinks are obviously set a part by having rounded sides instead of the traditional square or rectangular shape. These choices are more about style than function and how well they complement the overall style of your kitchen.

Material of Sink

There are more options than just stainless steel for sinks. You can also choose from porcelain, granite composite, or natural stone. Stainless steel is the most durable on the list followed by granite composite. Many designers and homeowners love the look of porcelain, but it is susceptible to scratches and chips. The same goes for natural stone, although many people love being able to match their countertops with the sink; a look that natural stone provides.


When considering a new sink for your kitchen, you should also think about whether the style, shape, and material will accommodate any accessories you may want to use. This includes special configurations like a low divider, drainboards, cutting boards, or even prep bowls. The sink that you choose should allow you to fit or change these accessories out with ease.

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