Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Home

Ah, the kitchen sink. It is one of the most under-appreciated and yet, most necessary features in your kitchen. You’ll need it to clean your dishes, wash your vegetables, and even fill up a glass to take a sip of water. So, which sink should you invest in? Well, that depends on what you need.

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One Basin or Two?

Most sinks come in two varieties. Some have one large, deep basin and some have two, smaller basins. Which option is right for you? Well, both offer useful features.

One large basin: One large basin for your sink makes soaking pots and pans a snap, but it can be difficult to juggle multiple tasks at once. After all, if you’re washing vegetables, you may not want the runoff debris to end up in the dishes you’re soaking.

Two smaller basins: Feel free to defrost some chicken in one basin and use the other to wash a few dishes. You have the option to perform multiple sink tasks at once without fear. You might have some trouble with larger items though.

Granite, Stainless Steel, or Porcelain?

Most of the sinks you have encountered in your life have likely been stainless steel, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. Some homes have granite sinks that offer elegance and resist hard water stains like there’s no tomorrow. Some homes have porcelain sinks that give a powerfully quaint farmhouse vibe that you just can’t get with other materials. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with a tried and true stainless steel sink, if you’re looking for something classic. It all comes down to your needs and the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. You definitely want it to integrate smoothly.

What About High End Options?

If you’re looking for a sink that will turn heads, consider copper or natural stone. Both options will be a little more costly than the other options, but they may be well worth it. Copper is antimicrobial by nature and natural stone offers a wide variety of options. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you at the J.F. Johnson Lumber Company.

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