Choosing the Right Countertop

Remodeling your kitchen is a big deal. There are a lot of decisions to make, decisions that you will have to live with until the next time you remodel your kitchen. Things like paint color and window treatments can be changed easily, but the countertop you choose is there for good. So, make sure you are choosing the right countertop for your kitchen.

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How are You Using Your Countertop?

So how do you choose the right countertop? Well, there are a lot of things to consider, most importantly is function. What purpose will your countertop serve? Is it an island countertop with bar stools that will mainly be used for eating, or is it a prep space? Are you installing a coffee bar or do you need somewhere to display your antique Pyrex casserole dishes?

The function of your counter has a lot to do with informing the material and design of it. If you’re not doing a lot of cooking or prep work, then you can go with a less durable material and save yourself some money. You could even consider using large butcher blocks as countertops as they are relatively inexpensive but still offer an interesting aesthetic.

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Materials like granite and quartz are much more durable and will last you a longer amount of time even if you are doing some heavy-duty prep work. Quartz is your best bet if you plan on getting messy in the kitchen. It is a non-porous material that is easy to clean and can take the daily grind, no problem.

Who is The Countertop For?

Another thing to consider is, how long will you be staying in this home? Are you renovating the kitchen to sell the home, or are you updating it for yourself? If you are planning on selling your home after your kitchen remodel, it’s best to choose neutral colors or earth tones when picking out permanent fixtures like a countertop. These hues offer the most flexibility when it comes to picking accent colors or choosing a new color scheme to fit. If you know you are staying in the home for the time being, then the color and the design are whatever your heart desires. Quartz is a highly customizable material and can be made in countless shapes, colors, and designs.

Why to Upgrade Your Countertop

Quartz Countertops
What are the benefits of a manufactured counter? Are quartz countertops right for you?

Updating your countertop is an investment, yes. But, if you were still working with an old laminate counter, or a granite countertop that hasn’t been sealed properly, then you deserve an upgrade. The laminate countertops from the last few decades are generally made out of particle board or MDF, which are both low-grade would pulp products. They’re highly absorbent and breakdown easily. It’s not uncommon to be able to touch under the lip of your laminate countertop and pick away at the loose pieces of wood underneath.

An unsealed granite countertop is only tricking you into thinking you have a quality product. Without the proper maintenance, granite can harbor tons of bacteria just below the surface in nooks and crannies that are unreachable when attempting to disinfect. It will also become susceptible to cracking, chipping, and deterioration overtime.

Johnson Lumber has Your New Counter

Whatever you choose, and whatever your reason for upgrading, Johnson Lumber is here to help you. We have a huge selection in our showroom and our experienced kitchen designers can help you in choosing the right countertop based on function and your personal aesthetic. Don’t get lost flipping through catalogs or scrolling through big box stores’ product page. Come see us and we’ll get you set straight.

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