What Is Wood Moulding: Everything You Never Knew About Wood Moulding Profiles

Wood Moulding Profiles

At Johnson Lumber, we consider wood moulding profiles a real all-star of home design. While it may not seem as dramatic as redoing the floors or repainting the walls, wood moulding adds a finishing flourish that can’t be overestimated. For our money, it’s just like Lebowski said about the way a rug ties the room […]

Top 8 Features To Keep In Mind For Bathroom Designs

bathroom designs 2

While searching for inspiration for bathroom designs, you’re likely to come across a lot of posts about bathroom design trends for 2023, home magazine articles, and probably even a TikTok video or two. Though bathroom design trends come and go (just like the latest TikTok dance trend), there are some time-honored staples you should keep […]

Which Line Of Wolf Cabinets Are Right For Your New Kitchen

wolf cabinets

At Johnson Lumber, we are big fans of Wolf Cabinets. They have solutions across a range of budgets that all deliver excellent quality and long-lasting style. When considering the right cabinets for your new kitchen, choosing between Wolf Signature Cabinets, Wolf Classic Cabinets, and Wolf Designer Cabinets is a little bit like choosing the best […]

Our Kitchen Design Team Uses The Best Brands To Create Your New Kitchen

kitchen design team

When it comes to creating in the kitchen, the conversation is about the ingredients that go into the meal. When it comes to creating the kitchen itself, we at Johnson Lumber think about a different set of ingredients: our kitchen design team and the kitchen cabinet brands they use! We know firsthand just how much […]

Dive Into The Deck Installation Details With These Great Decking Materials

deck installation

When it comes to deck installation, we can all be guilty of mentally jumping forward to the finished deck, imagining ourselves out on it enjoying a cold beverage on a warm summer evening. Yet part of the fun of a new deck is in the details. It’s those accents that make your deck your own, […]

How To Refresh Your Home In 2023 With These Maryland Window Replacement Brands

Maryland Window Replacement

With 2023 already started, many people are thinking about ways to refresh and renew their homes.  One simple but effective way to do this is by replacing our home’s windows. Not only will new windows improve the appearance of a home, but they can also increase its energy efficiency and value.  If you’re considering replacing […]

‘Tis The Season For These 8 Holiday Kitchen Design Trends

kitchen design trends

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, it’s time to set our sights on the holidays that are coming up with new kitchen design trends! The second our turkeys are out of the oven, the outside world gets ready for Christmas. The lattes are pumpkin spice and peppermint chocolate, the radios are set to Mariah Carey, […]

3 Clear Benefits of Engineered Lumber For Homeowners

engineered lumber

When you walk into your local lumber yard, there are always sights and sounds to capture your attention. But it’s the smell of fresh-cut wood that always captures the imagination, letting us know we’re on the verge of an exciting new project with the benefits of engineered lumber. Over the last few decades, though, engineered […]

4 Little-Known Benefits Of Trex Decking Material

trex decking

Trex Decking reminds us that when it comes to building a deck, the decking material you end up using is just as important as the deck’s design. Whether you’re upgrading your deck or deciding to build your home’s first one, taking your time to understand decking material options will make sure you end up with […]

Maryland Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy With 6 Simple Tips

maryland kitchen remodeling

If you’re searching for Maryland kitchen remodeling, you might not be completely satisfied with your kitchen.  For homeowners with small or cluttered kitchens, a kitchen upgrade can be an effective way to make more use out of one of the best rooms in your home.  The good news is that you don’t need to redo […]