11 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Kitchen Remodel

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Are you planning to remodel your kitchen but feeling overwhelmed by the thought of it?  A kitchen remodel can be a significant investment in both time and money, so it’s important to avoid costly mistakes that can add unnecessary stress to the process.  Fortunately, with a bit of research and planning, you can avoid common […]

Are custom cabinets worth it?

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As cabinets are one of the most-used parts of the kitchen, they are often first in line for a kitchen renovation. The question of which cabinets to have installed is more than one about style and functionality. Before you can consider door types and finishes, you first need to think about how involved you want […]

Why We Love Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sinks

Native Trails Brushed Nickel Sink

Deciding between stainless steel and brushed nickel for your new kitchen sink? The choice can come down to one quality: Warmth. Though stainless steel has a lot of functionality – including being easy to maintain – brushed nickel adds a charm that other materials simply can’t. At Johnson Lumber, one of our favorite examples of […]

Are Quartz Countertops Right For Your Kitchen Remodel?


What are the benefits of a manufactured counter? Are quartz countertops right for you? If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, you’ve got a lot of decisions on your plate. Each one will affect the quality, functionality, and feeling of your new kitchen. Of all those decisions, though, the one that can have the longest-lasting impact […]

Kitchen Redesign Ideas for 2022

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Get Inspired For Your 2022 Kitchen Redo With These Gorgeous Cabinets Are you ready for your next kitchen redesign? With fall in full swing, you’re about to be spending a lot of quality family time in the kitchen.  From whipping up scary treats for Halloween to the turkey on Thanksgiving, the kitchen is bound to […]

5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

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One reason that may have you considering a kitchen redesign?  To make your kitchen feel bigger. Whether it’s more space for the family, more storage, or more room to cook, large kitchens always seem to tempt homeowners. But if you’re just looking for a little extra space, or to make your kitchen feel bigger, what […]

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

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Whether you are starting your kitchen remodel from scratch or just bringing it up-to-date, there are several things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets. Sure, they must look nice and fit your personal style, but you also should get something that will last. Have you ever noticed the price range of different brands and styles […]

6 Money-Saving Tips for Your Next Home Remodel

The new year is almost here, and we’re all making resolutions about how we are going to do things differently in 2020. If you’re ready to save money in 2020, we’ve got some great money-saving remodel tips that will help you ensure more affordable home remodeling projects in the new year. Our 6 Money-Saving Home […]