How TimberTech Decking Materials Stand Up to Anne Arundel County’s Weather

TimberTech Decking Materials

Ever wondered if there’s a deck material that can handle all the wild weather Mother Nature throws at us here in Anne Arundel County? That’s where TimberTech decking materials come in. From toasty 80-90° summers to frozen winters, we’re not the only ones who feel the swings in the conditions: our outdoor spaces really bear the […]

How to Figure Out Your Deck Replacement Strategy

Deck Replacement Strategy

Is your deck showing signs of wear and tear? Not sure whether to go for a minor repair or consider a full replacement? We are here to help you construct the right deck replacement strategy that fits your needs. Having a deck isn’t without its worries. While the vast majority of your time spent on […]

9 Tips To Get Your Deck Ready for Summer – Without A Deck Rebuild!

Get Your Deck Ready for Summer

From 4th of July to Labor Day and everything in between, the summer season is upon us. With nothing but gorgeous weather and great grilling opportunities here to stay, it’s time to make sure your deck is ready for all the summer fun, sun, and outdoor gatherings.  As homeowners eager to make the most of […]

Get To Know Your Deck Parts With Our Comprehensive Guide For Building a Deck

Building a Deck

Building a deck can be like assembling a giant outdoor jigsaw puzzle, with each piece playing a role in the overall structure. For a lot of homeowners, though, they’d rather jump right ahead to the picture on the box rather than think about all those parts! In our view, knowing about each of those pieces […]

Spotlight on Trex Decking Material: A Superior Choice For Your Next Deck

trex decking material

When it comes to selecting decking materials for your home, the decision goes far beyond just the surface. For as much as people care about the aesthetics and visual quality of their deck, the true quality of your deck goes deeper.  It has to do with the quality of the material, the producer’s commitments, and […]

Answering Your FAQs About Innovative Decking Materials

Innovative Decking Materials

Are you trying to decide on the best decking material for your new deck? Thinking about redoing your existing deck, and not sure how to choose between wood and composite options?  You’ve heard that wood’s best for aesthetics and a lower carbon footprint. But what about care and maintenance?  Wherever you’re at in the decking […]

Get Your Deck BBQ-Ready With Our Deck Repair Checklist

deck repair checklist

As the sunshine begins to claim more hours of the day, the sizzling sound of grilling and the aroma of barbecue become the backdrop of summer. Is your deck repair checklist ready? With BBQ season fast approaching, it’s almost time to get to flipping burgers, roasting vegetables, and searing steaks. Before you can put on that […]

The Ideal Time for a New Deck Installation: Your Season-by-Season Guide

New Deck Installation

With longer days and more sunlight, it’s only natural you want to take advantage of it by spending more time outdoors. As homeowners, spring can be the most tempting time to start thinking about a new deck installation.  But is spring the right season for you? Or would it be better to wait until the […]