Sharing 7 Secrets About Composite vs Wood Decking Materials

wood decking materials

Choosing between wood decking materials and composite options is a significant decision for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living space. You’ve got a lot to think about, including price, maintenance, aesthetics, just to name a few. Plus, finding information about composite and wood decking materials isn’t always straightforward. As Johnson Lumber, we have more […]

When to Repair or Replace Your Deck: Expert Guidance from Johnson Lumber

Repair or Replace Your Deck

Decks are the star of our outdoor living spaces, offering a perfect setting for relaxing summer evenings or family barbecues. But what happens when your deck starts showing signs of wear and tear? It might be time to repair or replace your deck. Do you patch it up, or tear it down and start over? As […]

The Best Decking Materials in Maryland to Choose From

decking materials

Choosing the right decking material is crucial for both the aesthetics and longevity of your deck. At Johnson Lumber, with over 100 years of experience in the lumber industry, we’re here to guide you through this decision.  Are you thinking about building a new deck or renovating an existing one? One of the biggest decisions […]

Deck Out Your Deck In 2024: Top 5 Decking Accessories from Johnson Lumber

Decking Accessories

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing deck for 2024 or guiding a new deck installation, the right decking accessories can take your outdoor space to new heights.  Are you looking for ways to liven up your deck with the latest accessories, like state-of-the-art deck lighting or stylish railings? At Johnson Lumber, with over 100 years […]

Decking Design Trends in 2024: 9 Trends To Liven Up Your Backyard

deck design

Are you planning to build a deck in 2024? Considering a deck remodel to add some flair to your outdoor space?  There’s no better time to start planning, and no better company to do it with. With over 100 years of dedicated service to central Maryland, we here at Johnson Lumber are here to guide […]

Help Your Deck Shine Bright With These 12 Deck Lighting Styles

Deck Lighting Styles

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, a well-lit outdoor space is important for making the most out of our winter evenings. While your deck can be great for that during the summer, it’s a different story if you don’t have the right deck lighting accessories. So, if you’re searching for ways […]

Local Deck Contractors: How to Choose the Right Professional for Your Project

Local Deck Contractors

Are you getting ready to undergo a deck project from your home? In addition to thinking about the style and the materials, you’ve also got the biggest piece of all: hiring local deck contractors. When done right, local deck contractors will make your whole deck build or deck renovation a joy. It’s a significant decision, […]

7 Essential Steps to Winterizing Your Deck

Winterizing Your Deck

As the crisp breeze of autumn sweeps through, homeowners in central Maryland know that winter is just around the corner.  Before you get too cozy indoors, know this: this is the perfect season to prepare your home’s deck for the harsh weather conditions that lie ahead.  At Johnson Lumber, we have over a century of […]

4 Tips On Decking Materials That’ll Make Your New Deck Shine

decking materials

Decking materials that will transform your backyard into an oasis of relaxation and entertainment? Look no further than the J.F. Johnson Lumber Company, where we bring over 100 years of expertise to help Maryland homeowners with their custom building materials and decking needs.  We take pride in offering the largest selection of top-notch decking materials […]