What Are the Benefits of Engineered Lumber?

Engineered lumber products have been around for a long time now. Engineered wood products, including something like plywood or glue laminated lumber, have become very commonly used. Engineered lumber is made from veneers, solid wood, chips, or even individual fibers and is then reconstituted via differing resins or manufacturing processes. There are a number of […]

The Basics of Plywood

Plywood is used extensively in construction, furniture building, and more. It gets its strength through alternating veneer layers but this keeps the costs low as well. That strength is defined by its resistance to warping and cracking, keeping your plywood in good shape for years to come. Plywood has more options than most people realize—inexpensive […]

4 Things to Know Before Purchasing Lumber

As you plan any home improvement projects this spring and summer it’s important to remember that not all wood is created equal. Before you pick up the items for your project make sure that you’re making the best choice for your budget and needs. To help make your trip to the lumber yard easier, here […]