What Should You Know Before Choosing Kitchen Countertops?

Before purchasing brand new kitchen countertops, you should consider these points.

Kitchen remodels and renovations are big projects that come with a lot of necessary choices. From paint colors to furniture and everything in between; your decisions will have a big impact on the look of your kitchen and the way it functions. The countertops are a central component of your kitchen design. Before you make your choice, here are a few considerations that should be on your radar.

Home Value

Consider the impact that your countertops will have on the overall value of your home. If you plan to put your home on the market somewhere in the future, you should consider choosing a countertop design that will have a wide appeal to potential buyers. There may be a unique color, material, or design that you’re attracted to and works for your family, but it may not be what a large number of potential buyers are looking for. While some buyers do enjoy having the opportunity to customize their home to their personal tastes, many more want to move into their new home with no work to be done. Corian, quartz, and granite are three materials that will increase the value of your home.

Versatile Colors

Choose countertop colors that will work well with several different decorating options. Over the years, your style will change. It’s a much less expensive option to switch the paint colors on your walls than to replace your kitchen countertops, especially if they’re still in great condition. Choose a color that is neutral enough to work well with various options. Earth tones and neutral colors or patterns are great for picking up the boldness or intensity of your decorating choices.

Long-term Maintenance

Consider the type of maintenance and long-term upkeep that your countertop choice will require. The maintenance requirements should be one of the top considerations of your decision. Think about your lifestyle and if you would have the time and energy to perform the type of regular maintenance that the countertop will require. Granite slab will require regular sealing, and repair or replacement can be expensive. Quartz and laminate products have much lower maintenance requirements but may require you to sacrifice some of your potential resale value.

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