Are custom cabinets worth it?

As cabinets are one of the most-used parts of the kitchen, they are often first in line for a kitchen renovation.

The question of which cabinets to have installed is more than one about style and functionality. Before you can consider door types and finishes, you first need to think about how involved you want to be in the design process.

As a rule of thumb, cabinets come in three categories: custom, semi-custom, and stock. To help you make your decision, we’re going to break down the three, along with the specific kinds of customization you can expect.

The 3 Cabinet Choices

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are about efficiency and simplicity on a budget. 

Advantages to stock cabinets include short lead times, meaning they can usually be express delivered – if they’re not already in stock and ready to be installed.

Mass manufacturing can have its downsides, though, with a quality of cabinet that doesn’t meet your expectations. 

There is also limited potential for originality with stock cabinets because they come in a predetermined selection of styles, constructions, and finishes. 

Finally, stock cabinets are the least expensive choice, enabling you to remodel your kitchen without going over your budget. 

In the end, stock cabinets will enable you to quickly, easily, and affordably build your new kitchen.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are the perfect middle ground. 

They offer a lot of the advantages of both custom and pre-made cabinets while avoiding the majority of their drawbacks. The cabinet box is constructed from robust, high-quality materials and is often put together on a dedicated production line. 

Semi-custom cabinets can also be constructed in any height, depth, and breadth this is important. In order to best serve the customer, they can also be modified in other ways during construction. This includes adding extra storage and guaranteeing that your cabinets will fit perfectly into the design of your kitchen. 

There are also a higher number of finishes and color options, though this selection does end up costing more. 

Overall, these cabinets are the ideal approach to design a personalized and cost-effective kitchen.

custom cabinets

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are the luxury option. 

A bespoke cabinet maker can construct whatever you or your designer may imagine. They will know the exact amount of storage space you need and will fit well in your kitchen, regardless of its size or layout. 

Your cabinets will be of the best possible quality, and your kitchen will be fully unique, reflecting your personality and sense of style throughout. 

All of these bells and whistles, though? They are going to require a sizable budget. 

Custom cabinets also have the longest lead time, so your remodeling will need to wait while your cabinets are being created. 

If you have both the time and the money to invest, custom cabinets could be for you.

Johnson Lumber Cabinet Customization

At Johnson Lumber, we’re happy to meet your cabinet customization needs. One of the most popular options for its flexibility and affordability are semi-custom cabinets. 

To give you a sense of the scale of customization you should expect, we’re highlighting 5 of the popular adjustments below. 

1. Stacking cabinets

One benefit of stacking cabinets is that it maximizes storage by allowing you to use every square inch of your kitchen. 

With a chic, contemporary style, stacking cabinets can also open up the possibility for additional lighting effects and interesting displays.

We ensure that our stacked cabinets are seamless by adding a new face frame to the old boxes. This spares you the trouble of adding additional trimmings or using other methods to cover up annoying seams. 

Any Johnson Lumber cabinet may be double-stacked with this modification to make for a more adaptable, attractive area.

2. Lift-Up Cabinet Doors

These are ideal for a more compact kitchen design. 

Many homeowners appreciate lift-up cabinet doors since they don’t protrude outward. For anyone who has accidentally knocked their head against an open cabinet, they’ll be relieved to know this style avoids that pain completely. 

It’s also possible for any of our wall cabinets to be converted into a lift-up cabinet. 

3. Laminate Interior

Adding a laminate interior to your cabinets is an affordable touch of luxury. 

Finishing the inside of your semi-custom cabinets is particularly helpful if you’re putting in glass-fronted or open cabinets. This helps to make your kitchen cabinets coordinated.

Your glass-fronted or open cabinetry will have a polished look both inside and out if you choose to laminate the interior to match the exterior.

4. Bench seat

Bench seats are practical and comfortable. 

Although most frequently found in mudrooms, they are a nice addition to other areas, too. Popular options include adding storage space like base drawers and decorating with bright throw pillows for a splash of color.

We can build a bench seat with one large cabinet drawer or two smaller ones upon request.

5. Broom Closet

It’s not always easy to find a space for a broom that’s also nearby high-mess zones like the kitchen or foyer. 

By modifying a pantry cabinet to include a broom closet, you can keep your area tidy and clean – while storing your brooms out of sight. These are truly a useful addition for your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.

We would be happy to transform our pantry cabinets into a broom closet with lots of shelving for storage.

Choosing Your Next Cabinets

If you’re asking whether custom cabinets are worth it or not, it’s helpful to know the pros and cons of each style.

Stock cabinets are all about efficiency, economy, and savings. On the other end of the spectrum, custom cabinets are luxurious, original, and elegant. 

Threading the needle are semi-custom cabinets, which can hit the best parts of each.

To get started on your next cabinet installation project, get in touch with the Johnson Lumber team today.

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