Anatomy of a Kitchen Cabinet

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Kitchen cabinets, in their most basic form, are boxes attached to walls or flooring. That doesn’t imply they can’t use high-quality materials or pay less attention to details. 

What Makes a Good Kitchen Cabinet?

Kitchen cabinets really help to improve the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and home. It helps with home resale value. And because the kitchen is the hub of your home, designing it the way you want is paramount. Let’s talk about what makes a great kitchen cabinet.

Cabinet Boxes and Door

Cabinet boxes are usually built of plywood or other sturdy particleboard material. Many companies sell melamine over particleboard. Although, particleboard is cheaper, more porous, and moisture rapidly damages it.

Melamine is a low-cost substitute that comes in several grades.

Plywood outperforms solid wood in this application. Plywood is a durable material and can better handle the daily wear and tear. Additionally, solid wood boxes are more expensive and may take a long time to install.

Most people tend to focus their budget and design effort on the cabinet door since this is what you see most of. High-quality kitchen cabinets are stylish, strong, and long-lasting.

Back Panels

The back panel of a premium kitchen anatomy cabinet serves a significant part in fortifying the cabinet. They can also affect the installation process.

Full-height back panels are the strongest of any kitchen cabinet construction. These panels are usually 3/8 inch thick, so there is no doubt they are strong.

The less priced rear panels are 1/4 to 1/8 inch thick. Because these back panels cannot carry the weight as well, metal rails, brackets, or even frame construction hold them in place.


Many people ignore hardware when it comes to cabinets. They often think a door hinge is just a door hinge and nothing more. However, choosing the wrong hardware, even hinges, could throw off the look of your whole kitchen. Cheaper hardware is also less durable.

For starters, hidden hinges are chic and strong. They also have cutting-edge technology that helps reduce wear and tear.

Cheap hinges can be sloppy or excessively tight and will put undue stress on your cabinets.

Soft-close concealed hinges are also commonly utilized on high-end kitchen cabinets. These hinges reduce cabinet door noise when closed. They can be adjusted right, left, down, up, out, and in to give you the perfect closure and alignment for your cabinet doors.

Drawer Slides

Gone are the days of creaking drawers. Notice how kitchen drawers these days open more easily? It’s the drawer sliders. These slides are found on the sides or bottom of drawers.

The slides are responsible for the quiet and effortless opening and closing of the drawers. Years of use and weight on ordinary kitchen drawers can cause sticking and loud squeaking.

The soft-close slides and under-mount material can support up to 90 pounds of weight. It also keeps your fingertips from getting caught in the drawer when you slam it. The drawer sliders are sturdy and quiet.

Drawer Box

If you want something robust, dovetail drawer boxes may be the finest option. Dovetail is a type of tongue and groove joinery. The tongue is the protruding piece of wood, and the groove is where the adjacent piece fits.

Even if the dovetail drawer slide becomes fixed, the drawer front will not detach. The strongest drawer boxes are dovetail drawer boxes. Dovetails add stability.

Cabinet Interior

In addition to the trendy and captivating appearance of the kitchen cabinets, the interior and exterior finishes have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics. It distinguishes a superb kitchen from a good one.

Cabinet Interiors are usually melamine or wood veneer. Veneers normally absorb food particles and stains. Melamine is hard wearing and easy to clean.

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