A Guide to Buying Replacement Windows

Windows can make or break the comfort level of your home. Bad windows can lead to unwanted drafts, insects, and high energy bills. Good windows will ensure that your house is properly ventilated, keeps unwanted pests outside of your home, and can even save you money on your energy bill.  Here are some things  to consider when picking out replacement windows for your home.

new windows for home

Replacement Windows Frame Options

Wooden window frames have been a popular choice for years as they are less prone to heat and cold transfer. There are other frame options available that can also provide your home with the exterior beauty you desire while protecting your home interior. Utility-friendly window frames can be designed and customized to fit your needs and come in a variety of material options, including:

  • Wood-clad
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl
  • Composite

Panes and Glass

The type of glass your windows are made of is also very important to ensure maximum comfort in your home. One of the most popular choices for glass material is a double-pane window made of pultruded fiberglass and roll-form aluminum. Sounds specific, right? That’s because it is, and for two good reasons. These glass windows protect the inside of the house from the sun’s heat and UV rays during the summer and prevent heat from escaping in the winter.

Replacement Windows Designs

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the design of your windows. It all depends on your wants and needs, and many can be individually customized to fit your desired specifications. If you want operable windows, there are plenty of options to consider including double-hung, awning, sliding, and casement designs.
Looking for more picturesque windows? You can choose between rounded, bow, box, fixed lite, and other beautifully-crafted window designs.

Get High-Quality Windows in Maryland

At The J.F. Johnson Lumber Company, we’re dedicated to providing the products and design services that you need to best enjoy your home. With our custom clad and stain colors, divided lite options, and high-quality wood species to choose from, you can personalize your windows to fit perfectly with your home or design vision. Contact us to learn more about our window and door products today.

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