9 Ways To Make Small Deck Design Shine

Wondering how to make the best of a small backyard? Not sure where to get started when it comes to small deck design? It’s a tricky situation to be in. Not unlike a small room or a small apartment, a few design choices can make a big difference. 

Whether your backyard is modestly sized or you’re making the most of a small urban terrace, there are a ton of ways to enhance its appeal and functionality. 

At Johnson Lumber, with over a century of serving the central Maryland area, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice and high-quality materials to make every project a success – and that includes decking projects of all sizes.

Today we’re sharing nine innovative strategies for small deck design that promise to elevate your outdoor area from ordinary to outstanding.

  1. All Clear For Cozy

A cozy deck invites relaxation and enjoyment. Integrate plantings of various sizes, shapes, and colors to create a lively, inviting space. 

Use tall plants to provide privacy and smaller ones to add splashes of color. Incorporating planters at different heights can also add depth and interest, making your small deck feel like a secluded garden retreat.

  1. Rooftop Decks Rock

For those living in houses without much backyard space or the top floor of a condo building, a rooftop deck is a fantastic way to gain outdoor space. These decks offer unique opportunities for breathtaking views and efficient use of space. 

With the right design, a rooftop deck can become a personal oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a serene spot to unwind or entertain.

  1. Pops of Color

Never underestimate the power of color in transforming a space. Adding vibrant cushions, outdoor rugs, and decorative accessories can instantly brighten a small deck and make it more inviting. 

Choose colors that complement your home’s exterior for a cohesive look, or opt for bold contrasts to create a standout outdoor area.

  1. Hideaway Storage

Smart storage solutions are essential in maximizing space on a small deck. Consider built-in benches with hidden compartments or multi-functional furniture that doubles as storage. 

This approach keeps your deck clutter-free and ensures that every inch is used efficiently, leaving more room for relaxation and entertainment.

  1. Fun Furniture

Selecting the right furniture can make a significant difference in the perception of your deck’s size. Opt for pieces that are stylish yet functional, and consider designs that can be easily moved or reconfigured. 

This flexibility allows you to adapt the space to various needs, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet morning coffee.

  1. Go Gaga for Glass Railings

Glass railings are a sleek, modern choice that can make a small deck feel more open and spacious. 

They provide safety without obstructing the view, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. Additionally, glass railings reflect light, contributing to a brighter, more airy atmosphere.

  1. Nature Saves The Day

Incorporate natural elements directly into your deck design to create a seamless blend between your outdoor and indoor spaces. If you have trees in your backyard, consider designing your deck around them. 

This not only preserves the natural beauty of your outdoor area but also provides natural shade and a unique feature for your deck.

  1. Creative Continuity

Creating a sense of continuity between your home’s interior and your deck can make both spaces feel larger. 

Use similar flooring materials, color schemes, and styles for both areas. Glass sliding doors can enhance this effect, offering a clear view of the deck from inside and making the transition between indoors and outdoors feel fluid.

  1. Furniture That Fits

Choosing furniture that is proportionate to the size of your deck is crucial. Look for compact, versatile pieces that can serve multiple purposes without overcrowding the space. 

This ensures that your deck remains functional and comfortable, regardless of its size.

Call Johnson Lumber For Help With Your Next Small Deck Design Project

Designing a small deck requires creativity and strategic planning, but the rewards are well worth the effort. By implementing these tips, you can create an outdoor space that feels larger, more inviting, and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. 
For personalized advice and assistance with your small deck project, reach out to the experts at Johnson Lumber. With our history in the community and commitment to quality, we’re here to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today to get started.

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