9 Wall Covering Ideas to Consider for Your Remodel

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When you’re remodeling your home, don’t complete your design without some attention to the walls. Painted walls are standard in many homes, but there are plenty of ways you can spice up your remodel with something new and fun. Here are some great ideas for wall coverings that are a bit more unique:

  1. Concrete – Whether you use wallpaper that is made to resemble concrete or you opt for actual stone panels, concrete walls can provide an industrial and natural look to any room. If you choose concrete panels, you’ll also get the added benefits of water and fire resistance.
  2. Cork – A modern alternative to traditional coverings, cork is naturally decorative and can complement any décor or room style. Hang items easily on the cork panels without leaving any damage to your original walls!
  3. Maps – Perfect for the worldly homeowner who loves to travel, paper wall coverings with a map design offer a unique and conversation-starting look to any room.
  4. Bark – Bring nature indoors with bark wall coverings that add a cozy, outdoor feel to bedrooms, living spaces, or kitchens. Available in wallpaper or wood paneling, bark wall coverings can be both casual or luxury.
  5. Magazine Covers – There’s so much you can do with magazine wall coverings! From National Geographic to magazines from the 70’s and 80’s, these paper coverings are great for adding sophistication and style to any room of your home.
  6. Velvet – Add some texture to your home that’s smooth and soft to the touch with velvet wall coverings. Mostly used for a luxurious feel, velvet wall coverings can be used on a single wall to accent a room or on every wall in the area. 
  7. Twills – Twill textiles are beautifully patterned and the wall coverings offer a fabric-inspired design that goes well with many furniture styles. Twill provides a room with distinct character and can add depth to your home interior.
  8. Terrazzo – This wall covering is a composite material that comes in panels that can provide many different looks. Terrazzo comes in a wide variety of stone patterns, both colorful and classic. 
  9. Mirror – Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, using mirror panels on an accent wall can create more visual space in a room and give it a sophisticated and classy look. 

Whichever wall covering you decide on for your next remodeling project, look to the professionals at Johnson Lumber for all of your remodel needs. We have high-quality products and talented designers that can help to make your dream home come to life. Contact us today to get started!

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