5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

One reason that may have you considering a kitchen redesign? 

To make your kitchen feel bigger.

Whether it’s more space for the family, more storage, or more room to cook, large kitchens always seem to tempt homeowners.

But if you’re just looking for a little extra space, or to make your kitchen feel bigger, what can you do?

It may be the case that just adjusting cabinetry, countertops, or other small changes can make a world of difference. 

Given that the holidays are fast approaching, these tips couldn’t have come any sooner. So read on to see some ways to make your home’s kitchen feel bigger than ever. 

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1. Try It In White

As Better Home & Gardens suggests, white is a good choice to use because it “reflects light, enhancing the sense of space and making the walls recede.” 

Depending on the level of work that you’re willing to put in, this could range from painting to remodeling.

If you’re open to redoing your cabinets, look for recessed-panel cabinets. Their shadows can add a touch of depth that also expand the room.

2. Neutrals With One Accent Color

If having an all-white kitchen feels a little stark, there are always other options. If you’re looking to paint, you can consider using mostly neutral colors with one bright accent color (like EatWell101 suggests).

A way to help this tip really pop out is to combine it with new cabinetry. When used with open shelves, that accent color will pop especially well.

3. Go For Open And Glass Cabinets

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When you’re working with a smaller amount of space, your cabinets are where you’ll get creative. Relying too much on traditional cabinets can feel constricting.

To open up your kitchen, consider open shelves or glass cabinets. These both provide the storage you’re looking for while also opening up more of the room.

Plus, if you’ve got nice dishes, this is a classy-yet-subtle way to show them off to your guests.

4. Let There Be Light

Lighting is one of the more interesting ways to play with your kitchen space. For a less-invasive approach, you can open up your windows for natural light by switching from blinds to curtains. You can upgrade the lighting you already have.

Or, you can consider features like pendant lighting. These light fixtures which down from the ceiling have a natural way of drawing the eye up. That will keep your guests’ focus from staying overly fixed in one point, creating an openness to your kitchen.

5. Rock Metallic Shades

Redoing kitchen cabinets comes with plenty of creative choices to make. If you are being guided by creating a bigger-feeling kitchen, consider a metallic finish for your cabinet handles. 

Polished nickel or brushed brass, says The Haven List, can help to create warm contrasts, especially against dark tones and natural woods.

How Subtle Changes Can Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

Kitchen redesigns can be one of the costlier home renovation undertakings. 

When you’re working within a budget, you may not have the flexibility for big changes to get everything you want. Though you might like to knock down a wall to have your dream kitchen, you could be up against other constraints.

Still, with color, craftsmanship, and creativity, there are ways to make even a modest redesign to make your kitchen feel bigger

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