5 Surprising Kitchen Organization Upgrades

Thinking about renovating your kitchen, and kitchen organization in general, can mean keeping track of a lot of variables at once. From plumbing and electrical changes to new coats of paint, upgraded kitchen appliances, flooring, and cabinets, kitchen redesigns can be overwhelming.

Instead of considering everything at once, the path to a simpler kitchen renovation can be to focus on the most important reason for the change. That single reason then helps to justify all of the other decisions that follow.

Given the amount of time we spend in the kitchen, the way it’s organized can have a significant impact on how we feel about it.

To that end, we’re sharing five ideas about how to rethink your kitchen organization and take advantage of the space you have.

1 | The Benefits Of A Planning Zone

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Whether all the kids are gathered before school or it’s the centerpiece of a party, the kitchen is always the place to be. With a Planning Zone, your kitchen becomes even more functional.

The Planning Zone recognizes the convenience of the kitchen as the hub of the home and the family, and supercharges it with organizational features. 

Instead of relying on precious counter space for note-taking, this design incorporates storage and kitchen organization throughout. As you can see in the image, it includes a file drawer, space for a keyboard, and ways to keep letters and files within reach.

For the on-the-go family, it can also include key holders, a message board, and a multifunctional cell phone/device charger. For families with younger kids, the island can include baskets and books for easy access before school.

2 | Enjoy Calmer Dinners With A Set The Table Zone

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Parents with young children can agree on this: setting the table can be a daily struggle. The goal of creating a Set The Table Zone in your kitchen is to streamline the process in a handsome, well-designed way.

With the use of Wall or Base Pantries, you can make your dishes and silverware accessible at varying heights. Good for either making sure your kids can help – or keeping it out of reach for the youngsters who might still be a little too small.

The pictured Base Pantry above is customizable with knife blocks, cutting boards, and multiple drawer options. The Bread Liner box is a useful option that not only helps to keep bread fresh, but also to let you know when you might be running a bit low.

3 | Cook Like A Pro With A Meal Prep Zone

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Even as a home chef, we know the importance of our mise en place. The goal of Meal Prep Zone is to keep all the necessities nearby.

From Base Pantries with non-skid shelves to hold appliances to Roll Out Tray Dividers, keeping your favorite utensils stored and organized doesn’t have to take up much space.

One of our personal favorites is the Pull Out Peg Storage, which lets you hang up spoons, measuring cups, rolling pins, and more. No more time wasted with messy drawers means a better, more enjoyable cooking experience!

4 | Spend Less Time Cleaning With A Clean Up Zone

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When your cleaning supplies and waste receptacles are well-organized, cleaning takes no time at all. One of the main issues homeowners have with older kitchen spaces is not having a dedicated spot to put waste or recyclables.

With the efficient use of space with the Kitchen Waste Block, you’ll spend less time navigating around your trashcan and more time actually enjoying the time in your kitchen.

5 | Make Your Kitchen Your Own With A Display Zone

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Given the amount of time we spend in our kitchens preparing, eating, and gathering, it’s worth making it feel like yours. 

One of our favorite ways to create that lived-in feeling is with a Display Zone. This includes a number of elements, but it’s ultimately about displaying more of your personality. From the open shelves to clear display boxes, you can show off collections of corks, baskets, art, and more.

Drawers with roll out trays make accessing your larger bowls and appliances even smoother. Roll outs and pull outs are both functional and whimsical, often hiding revolving shelves, swinging corners, and more.

How Will You Rethink Your Kitchen?

Though some kitchen redesigns are motivated by a potential sale or an exciting new appliance, designing around kitchen organization is a great idea. It’ll help your kitchen be more useful for you and your family, ultimately making it feel even more personal.

Thinking about redesigning your family’s kitchen? Then get in touch with the experts at Johnson Lumber today for your free consultation.

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